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Hippie Flip FUN


Damn. I got fucked up. Now I know what your thinking, I'm stupid for taking mushrooms and E. Well, probably but here's what happened anyway. I took a double stacked Vl (I suspect it was MDA) at 7. I made two mushroom and peanut butter tortillas containing approximately 5 grams of mushrooms at 7:15.
The shrooms were bomb. I ate two shrooms (about two point five grams each). The shrooms were some home growners. They had thick stems filled with what looked almost like cotton on the inside. The caps were gold and of fairly good size.
I could feel the E starting to kick in at around 7:30. By 8 o'clock the E was hitting strong and the shrooms were kicking in nicely.
Usually when I trip the first hour of shrooms is wirey and a little uncomfortable but since the E was flowin I felt great the whole time. I smoked a few bowls too. I layed on my bed and sat amazed at how vivid and three dimensional my closed eye visuals were. The colors were unbelievable. It was like a constant rainbow of colors that would flow together. It's so hard to fucking expalin visuals though. To truely understand them you have to see them for yourself. The most intense visuals I have had were hella cool closed eye ones. They usually take the form of a blanket over my mind. Try to stay with me now, I know this sounds funny. It kind of reminds my of a screen saver. Or like that old school Tron movie shit. If you have seen Cyberworld in 3-D at an I-Max then have a sense at the type of visuals I was seeing.
When under the influence of shrooms and E the visuals can't be beaten. Well enough LSD would, but forget that shit, it doesn't feel as good.(unless taking acid and E).
I saw everything in 3-D (eyes still closed). It looked like I was traveling through a tunnel at a tremendous speed, the walls of the tunnel looked like a conveyer belt of millions of moving colors. This was hella tight, I sat on the bed with my jaw proped open in amazement. I started laughing out loud when these two midgets (they looked like the munchkins in Willy Wonka and the Choclate Factory) popped up above the tunnel (one on each side) and made these funny little faces with their short little arms above their heads like they were trying to surprise me and make me laugh. It worked, I was busting up and amazed at this level of visual sensation.
I was listening to BONE thugs and Harmony-The resurrection CD and I could litterally see the music. I could recognize and see each differnet layer of the beat and distinguish which sound was making what and it was like I understood the music. I could see how the music all over laped itself to blend into a beautifully orchastrated song. It was a great fuckin trip CD. I loved every minute of it. Each song seemed to last about ten minutes when they were only four or five in reality. Time was moving slow and i wish it had gone even slower because now that I don't have the visuals I want them back.
After about a half an hour or more I realized I had to open my eyes and pay attention to my girl who was on E also. By this time, I'd say it was 9 or so, I was gone(hella high). It was a great peak that lasted a while. I felt hella intelligent too which is abnormal. I could talk my way out of anyhting and was rapping like no other.
I began to think. I came to grips with a lot of things. I admitted my true feelings to my girlfriend, I told her how much I love her and told her that I have considered spending my life with her. I even called and talked to my mom for an hour.
I felt the happiest I have ever. It was like genuine happiness. I realized how lucky I am and appreciated everything that has happened to me, good and bad, because they were all learning experiences.
I told my girlfriend that this was the best trip that I have ever had and I still believe it was. It surpassed the definition of ecstacy.
The trip was even very spiritual. I have never relly believed in god but on this trip I came to believe. It was like god was speaking to me, but not really. It was more like he was influening my thoughts. I told my girlfriend that I was foolish for not believing, because it was so evident that there was and is a god. This was such a good trip. I feel like my life has made a change for the better. My thinking was so crystal fucking clear. That is not normally what happens when I'm on shrooms alone, or E alone, or even in my past experiences with shrooms and E together. Usually everything is cloudy and hazy but it wasn't. I'd never felt as confident and thoughtful as I did. I might not sound that smart right now (it's 3 Am and I'm running off little sleep, little food intake) because it is the day after and my brain is a little mushy, but I swear to god I would have been able to talk with anyone about anything and sound genius. It was wierd.
I can't stress it enough. I love tripping with my girl because she makes me happy, she's so sweet and innocent. She helps me think positive about everytning. It is good to have that type of person around when on a trip.
The trip slowed down around 12. It was still good just not at the 5th level of intenstity anymore. I just talked and talked and grew closer and closer to my girl. It has me thinking though, was I thinking clear??? Or was everything I was saying just unrational because I was under the influence of drugs? It's hard to say. I know what true and I believe everything I said was coming from my heart and my brain. The E always makes me confess to things and brings out my true feelings and in this case it was wonderful.
I stayed up till 5. Everything wore off around four. During the course of my trip i also took a few nitrous hits out of the whipped cream can, smoked a gram of marijuana, and took five shots of Bacardi O 80 proof and smoked five cigs. I made sure to drink water, I must have had four or five glasses.
My head has been a little sore today and so has my body. Once I get more rest my body will hopefully be back to normal.
If you like shrooms and have done E, but have never mixed the two, I would sugest trying it because it is a damn good trip. Don't do it if you are inexperienced however. Just be safe.
The R-I-N-G
Fresno, CA
Late March
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