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I WAS IN VIENNA MAINE and i split an eigth with a friend and 45 minutes later i was on my way well it was 5:00pm and it was starting to get dark out and all of a sudden i looked up and the sky was literally breathing and i had such uncontrollable laughter like never before, it was as if i was soaring , when i shut my eyes i had visuals of an eye with different rainbow colors with serious visions of grateful dead bears dancing in my head , there was a band playing some real phunky music when i got up to dance it was as if i was soaring into the sky every time i sat in the grass i felt like i was sitting in a field of marshmellows when i took a walk into the woods i really freaked out the trees were talking to me ,i swear that was very trippy so i had to leave the woods becaus i was coming out of my skin i got off for 7 hours , which is highly unusual for shrooms that is my shroom trip for the duration bye

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