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Hello and Thank You

I dont think the importance of this trip report page can be understated.

I dont think the importance of this trip report page can be understated. We are all bringing back parts of the map, and there is "work" being done here! Mine was in mid-June of 1998.
Setting: my bedroom, silent darkness on my bed
Dose: 6 grams (dried) after a day-long fast

I began by doing some streches and talking to the shrooms making sure they knew my intentions were good. After maybe a half-hour the visuals kicked in. Gorgeous neon 3-D jungles springing up in my room and a sort of vortex before me when I looked up. The only reference I had to "reality" in my room was the red smoke detector light which, at this point, looked like 15 lights. The impossible colors and geometry increased until I became a little uncomfortable and moved to the fetal position thinking, "Holy Shit...this is just *starting* to come on!" I felt my eyes and realized they had been open the entire time. Then turned over and the entire room when brilliant neon green with my hands orange. Shortly after this, my body was presented before me naked and suspended on some kind of a verticle spindal. It had all sorts of gadgetry around it and there is a calming feeling of leaving it behind. This is when I encountered dozens of entities, sometimes with little faces but usually just "felt". They were coming around this great bend in my perception and screaming by a hundred miles an hour saying joyous "Hellos!". It was made clear to me, not through language, but through experience that I was to learn while "in there" how to say "Hello" and "Thank You". This was drilled into me. Many people I know where there, some I was able to roll around with in this cosmic "dirt" that seemed to extend miles down into my bedding. There was pure love in this space. I cried a lot and kept saying "hello, thank you". Later as I rolled over, my body segmented over and over and I looked down and saw the body of a centepede. This was comfortable, though. Soon after, I slammed back into my body and began feeling very uncomfortable. The beautiful images and beings that were so affirming had given way to intense geometric images zooming at me way too fast to comprehend. I was rolling around and moaning...when I had come down enough, it was clear that I *HAD* to pee. It took a very long time to figure out how to use the bucket and how to use the penis :) After finally peeing, I cried more and yelled "Hello" and "Thank You"!!! I had been properly introduced and was grateful for what I had seen.
It was, without a doubt, the greatest piss in history of human kind! Aside from uncomfortable time, with the geometry and naging, ringing phones, it was amazing and I would recommend it.

This is key: loose the distractions....try it in the dark
by yourself. It is worth it...religous.
And WEIGH THE DOSE!!! You need 5 grams of
dried stuff to get there. It's not worth
doing this half-way.

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