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Heaven meets the sky

The account that follows is one of unexplainable nature.

The account that follows is one of unexplainable nature. I, as an imperfect and knowledgeless human, cannot begin to comprehend an experience of such devinity and spirituality.

I had never tried magic mushrooms before this night. I occassionally smoked pot, for I found it to relieve stress greatly. I attend a private high school, and stress comes frequently. I had heard alot about shrooms from my friends, and decided that it was time to experience them myself. I had a few friends over, one of which was the supplier of the shrooms. I estimate he had about 20 grams worth.

At about 8 oclock, I decided that I wanted to dose. We sat down at my dinner table, and laid out the shrooms on a paper towel. I knew that their taste was repulsive, so we contemplated a way to down them with as little nausea as possible. We settled on crushing them up, and mixing them with orange juice. For the three of us, 20 grams of shrooms seemed plenty. One of my friends didnt want alot, so I am guessing he had about 4 grams. I had a bit more than my other friend, so I suggest I took in a total of 9 grams. After the consummation, we all sat down on a big couch in my living room. After about 10 minutes, I started to feel some tingling. The tingling was soon replaced by the blurring of colors of whatever I happened to look at.

I thought about how cool this feeling was, but quickly forgot. The television was on, and a the channel was turned to a typical news program. What was being broadcasted, was a fire that engulfed a house, some innner-city appartment. The fire was set by a man who wanted to kill his wife and 2 children. What follows is unexplainable.

I seemed to lift out of my body, the mass of flesh and bone that housed the spark of life that was me. I floated above a town of destruction. A war was raging as I watched. I saw the senseless murdering of children as they cried out for their fathers. I saw women being raped brutally, while husbands were made to watch. I was not a human watching these evil acts, but something I can't explain. A being, possibly, maybe just a soul. After what seemed a year of this, maybe a minute, I instantly arrived in space, or what I think was space. Before my eyes were celestial bodies. Purple, orange, blue, a sunset of stars, and shower of golden comets. I felt the presence of something uncomprehendable. I felt God above me. He spoke not a word, but I was in His presence nonetheless.

As I floated on nothing, I could not conceive of myself, and what I meant as life. I saw life being killed, and I saw life being born. I understood not what it meant, but knew that it meant something. I saw beauty, and I saw evil. I could not grasp time, space, or myself, for they did not exist any longer. What was present was my soul, and only my soul.

When I awoke, I was on the couch. I sat there, not turning my head, not looking around. I knew my eyes were open, but they did not work. I could think, for I was back in my body. I thought about life, science, and God. I thought about how life was amazing, and could never have happened accidentally. All that I knew, is that I knew nothing at all. I could not try to explain life, but I knew that it existed. i could not try to explain death, but I knew that it existed. I could not try to explain God, but I knew that He existed. I could not explain why I took the shrooms, but I knew that they existed. When trying to explain myself, all I could understand, is that I existed, and that I had a purpose. I know that someday I will be able to explain what that purpose is, whether live, dead, or in the hands of God. I asked myself why I needed to take the shrooms, and questioned if we as humans can acheive such an experience by the power of our minds combined with the power of our souls. I ask all of you who read this one question: Do we really need proof to know that something exists?

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