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I will call my freind "Jake"Jake and I woke up at 5:07 AM, and waited until my mom left for work.

I will call my freind "Jake"

Jake and I woke up at 5:07 AM, and waited until my mom left for work. when we heard the door shut we split up what we had on a pice of paper and ate it. The stuff was godawful. It tasted like eating a moldy old book, but pulpier. After all was consumed we started playing "buster buddies colletion" (a simple arcade style game for PS) I blinked and noticed a slight apperation, but it vanished as soon as it appeared. The nausea began to set in (this always happens with dried shrooms) and i felt a "lightness" in my limbs. I began to die in buster buddies multiple times in a few minutes. I asked jake how he was doing, he started giggiling and said "i dont know" Still no halucinations and I just started thinking "that russain prick ripped me -" then the walls started moving. The shapes the lights made on the wall would shift and something that looked like layers and layers of an alein language super imposed onto each other, each "page" moving in a different direction. The Nausea in my stomach turned into a rising feeling that streched from my solarplex to my chest, but when I moved, it returned to nausea again. This is where I lost track of time. The rest is not meant to happen in any real kind of order.

I am not a very hairy guy. But I felt I was so hairy that I expected to look like an ape-man. I am not a skinny guy, but I felt not just thin, but muscular in the way that only animals usually are, naturally strong, not the artifical way that body builders and most atheletes are. I felt like I was melting. I felt VERY warm. But I also felt that exact refreshing feeling that I have only ever felt from being cold, either in a cold brezee or in cold water.


there are no words to describe it. I will make a mockery of the experence by trying. I felt like the musican was putting all the love and all the hate and all the sorrow and all of the energy he/she had ever experienced and transmitting it right unto my soul. Yup, my soul. I now think I have a soul.

The whole time, I felt I was "close" to something. I identified this thing as "truth" I FELT it it was inside of me.

I was sweating alot. This contributed to the melting feeling.

I walked int my room. No easy task. It was not the same old disorented "drunk" feeeling, it was like I was learning how to walk by thinking about all of my memories of walking. Eventually I figured it out, I was just wobbily. Got into my room, Jake was already there. Nas was playing, jake was trying to shut it down but was not having much luck. I layed down on my bed.

me: "Damn im trippin' hard."

Jake: "what the fuuuuuuuu......"

I looked up at the wall, aztec-like patterns flowed on it like multiple rivers, intertwinining and swirling into eddies and whirlpools. I closed my eyes and I saw my arm, each one of my pores had little buds, not really like flower buds, more like some kind of meaty leaf. I saw a bunch of "ape men" (i think I was one of them) walking, mistified, towards a great light. I think this was a bit of a forced hallucination, or it became that at one point... I strated to see random swirling patterns that reminded me of the word fractal. My mind became fixated on that word and I could not stop thinking about fractals....

Jake: "what the fuck! this wont turn off! I wanna play floyd!"
me: "oh, nas?"

I crawled over to the computer, and suddenly the computer was the only piece of technoligy in the entire "cave." I was a caveman-plant entity, and I was trying to figure out how to use this computer. I suddenly recived memories from a young man who used this computer before. I realized it was my computer, and I was the young man. I quit out of all of the applications. The music was still playing. I laghed.

"fuck this lets go into my room" i said.

food was either awesome or disgusting....

plasic ripped off of a trash bag, cigeretts, my thumb, and starburst kicked ass.

everything else was nasty.

my glasses. Wow...

they were sooooo frickin cool. The greatest toy ever. put them on, and my halucinations are totally diferent! Take them off, they change again! I was afriad of breaking them though,so I put tem in a safe place.

We played buster buddies, and beat it using only one contuniue. I turned it off...

then we talked. About any amazing thing. About fractals, alot. About communication and language, about everything and anything. We came down. It had been four hours. We went outside, and I really wanted to cry. Every thing was so beautiful. I laughed instead.

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