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Hearing voices

It's not like i've never done shrooms before.

It's not like i've never done shrooms before. I've done it plenty of times and expierenced it's trip at all sorts of locations, but i can tell you that i've never in my whole entire shrooming days have expierenced a bad trip like this one...Location: Halloween Rave @ Vancouver Pacific center.

It started out a perfect night me enjoying the music and dancing the night away. I first dropped some MDMA so i was feeling fine. But then i started loosing the feeling and started getting bummed out in the middle of the night. And i had a pocket full of shrooms, so i decided to give them a try...i'm not sure how much was in there but it was enough to mess me up!! Usually it doesn't take much to mess me up cause i am a pretty small girl (weighs in 80 lbs) so even half a gram get's me feeling the effects!! but anyways i got hit pretty hard, i started seeing things like everyone was watching me and hearing all these voices. it felt as if everyone was starring at me and totally looking down upon me. total loose of my ego. I actually felt my self esteem pour out of me. And usually on a shroom trip you love the light but this time i was so scared of it i was literally hiding behind my sister when it started getting bright out. I felt like i grew some horrible rash on my face and everybody that saw me got totally growsed out. I hurried to the car to see what was up, but i couldn't find anything grows or ubnormal that grew on my face over night. I can't really describe the whole trip i can't even find words to explain how i felt that night. all i knew was that i wanted to get out of there as fast as i could. I wanted to jump of the side of the building and into the water cause i wanted to get out so bad, but that would have made me look even more stupid!!

So word to the wise...don't do shrooms if you're already feeling bummed and are not comfortable with your surroundings!!

But don't worry, this is not the end of my Shroom days!!

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