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Hear ye of my Ayahuasca+shroom experience.

One friday in May, after a successful week of visiting the fields and reaping the mycological benefits of mother nature, my and my friends Marc and Corey had the idea to go camping.

One friday in May, after a successful week of visiting the fields and reaping the mycological benefits of mother nature, my and my friends Marc and Corey had the idea to go camping. Now, this was no ordinary camping trip, as we had recently visited the local herb shop and purchased 2 ounces of psychotria viridis (which me and Marc would split) as well as an ounce of syrian rue, who's MAOI effect would blast us through hyperspace when combined with mushrooms and oral DMT.
Earlier in the day we had made our rounds in town and picked up a quarter ounce of some really good bud.(a fat qo too, about 8-9 grams)So, set in that department, we ventured out into nature, to a local county park where i was pretty sure no one would fuck with us. We opted for the primitive campsites toward the back of the park just to make sure of this. Since I had read much of the Ayahuasca experiene's power, plus that combined with the mushrooms we would be ingesting(which I have a good bit of experience in, while Marc had only tripped once before this and Corey had tripped on mush twice before this.),me and Marc thought it would be a good idea to bring along a sober fried(or a stoned friend in this case), so we called up our mutual buddy Phil. Phil doesnt have much experience with psychedelics, and he has quite an arrogant personality, though not enough to discourage his involvement in this situation.
So we got to the campsite and set up the tents, and start to blaze. At this point Phil hadn't arrived yet with his bong, so me, Corey and Marc were just blazing out of my pipe. We were talking about the impending trip, and we all decided it would be a good idea to turn off our cell phones. I believe I did this at this time, but being as stoned as I was, later in the night before ingestion I turned mine back on to check the time(a mistake). Corey decided to opt out of the huasca/DMT experience and just eat his share of the mushrooms he picked combined with some syrian rue. So Phil shows up with some lighter fluid so we can make a fire to prepare the huasca. About this time(I think around 8:30), Me, Corey, and Marc decide to all take our Syrian Rue. So we all take a large sized pinch of the ground seeds, throw it in our mouths, and wash it down with some gree tea.I take about 1000ml of water and pour it in a pot, and add 4 1000mg tablets of vitamin C to help extract the DMT from the viridis. I add the ground 2 ounces of viridis to this and let it simmer/boil over the fire for about 30 minutes(from about 9 to 930 if i remember correctly). After this, i add the mushrooms to the concoction, and let those simmer in there for 15 or 20 minutes. After that i strained it all into another pot through a t shirt, and put that into a water bottle. Most of the water had evaporated, so luckily there was only about 200ml of liquid me and Marc had to share.
So at 10:00 everyone that is going to trip decides to take thier share. Corey eats his shrooms and me and marc split our huasca beverage. It was one of the worst tasting things I've ever put down my throat, and I gagged heavily, but I made it. After we drank our shares, Marc thought it would be a good idea to drink a couple gulps of a 40 we had(Mickey's) to neutralize the acidic affect of the vitamin C in his stomach(I actually think this worked, as he did not purge). I only took a little sip because i didnt want to smudge the experience with the alcohol intoxication. After about 15 minutes, I was already coming up hard. So i walked over to the fire where I had recently set a blanket to be by myself. Here i sat and prepared myself for the coming journey. I closed my eyes and welcomed the huasca experience, as well as the earthy element of the mushrooms. No sooner than I had finished this though, I felt an extreme urge to vomit, and i stress extreme. There was no way I could have held taht down, I just leaned over off the blanket and projectile vomited what was left of my huasca in my stomach. The purging experience was very intense, my whole body was having a fit, but it did not hurt. After I purged, i was tripping very hard. Insane visuals I have never experienced of melting patterns were covering my whole vision field, and everything about the world was in disproportion. I stood up and went to sit back at the picnic table. Marc had started to trip very hard as well, but we were having trouble communicating with him, and it appeared he was in a trance. This was making Phil and Corey uncomfortable(as Corey wasnt tripping yet from his shrooms, and Phil doesnt know much about the psychedelic experience) so they went and sat down next to the fire. I tried talking to Marc, but all i could get out of him was giggling, the humming of tunes, and him talking to himself. This went on for a while, and eventually Marc fell on the ground and started having a fit, talking to himself etc. I was tripping insanely hard, having thought loops, couldnt focus, etc, So i decided to go sit with Phil and Corey and talk about Marc's condition. While I was over there Marc started screaming and it appeared he was having a really bad time, so I went back to the table to console him. About this time people I didnt want to talk to while I was tripping started calling me because I had forgotten to turn off my phone, so that gave me some bad thoughts, but I got over it.When Marc started screaming, this freaked Phil and Corey out a lot, and honestly me too, So I decided to try and get Marc into his tent where I could try to talk him down. Eventually this worked, and I got him into the tent. When we got into the tent he practically collapsed and was still screaming, crying etc, So i thought it would be a good idea to lay next to him, hug him and tell him everythingw as alright, and to just enjoy it. While I was doing this, I was busting through some serious psychedelic barriers. I kept hearing Phil outside the tent talking to Corey about how he was having a bad time, and I guess he eventually left. That started to freak Marc out even more, as he thought it was his fault. I was having intesne open, closed and aurual hallucinations, in fact all my senses were pretty much blended together. I have no clue how long i was in the tent trying to console Marc, but it seemed like an eternity of beautiful pleasure(I was having a really good trip, probably a **** on the shulgin). We had moments of our thoughts merging, telepathy, etc. Eventually the DMT/psilocybin's combined peak wore off and we were at a very high plateu. Marc was back to reality and he could talk pretty inteligently again(he was pretty much insane during the peak, I could make no sense of what he was saying, nor did I try). We decided to get out of the tent and go sit at the picnic table, but it took some time to figure out how to use the tent's door(This was at about 12 o'clock). Once we got outside we both felt like we had just gone through the most intense experience of our life. At this time Corey was tripping pretty hard in his tent, and he was pretty worried about us. So he came out and sat with us, we smoked some more ganja, and talked about the insanity of what just went on. After a couple hours of still tripping hard and talking, we all went and layed by the fire ,where Marc went to sleep. Me and Corey were sitting there, and we heard some drum circle way off in the distance, as well as chanting (sounded like some indian spirits or something). At about 2 or 3 we went into Corey's tent and passed out.
The Ayahuasca trip, combined with the weed and the mushrooms was no doubt the most intense drug experience I can put under my belt. My trip was that of infinite pleasure and happines, but im not sure if i wanna experience something that intense for a while, and Marc already said he never wants to trip that hard again. Corey had a really good time, and said the MAOI did the trick for him and he tripped really hard off just his mushrooms. So, in conclusion Ayahuasca combined with Mushrooms is a beautiful experience, but I'd make sure you are ready to experience your whole reality splitting apart and catching a glimpse of eternity.

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