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hawiian greendot shroom trip

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i set it up by leaving my town and going to another and i got the shroomz from my friend that came back from Hawaii
they were called greendot shroomz BC not only were there tiny green dots made into the spores of the mushroom yet BC when in the middle of my trip the trashcan that i was shaking hands with turned green and got huge as big as an elephant and so i crawled on its back and it Had a dark green dot on it where i was sitting and then i fell and was off my trip (i thought) then i went to the bedroom and all of the sudden i started seeing green dots everywhere they were moving and looked like little bugs so i ran and then everything started going in slow motion and i got numb and then passed out long story short it fucks with your head and colors turn green and the specific spots your eyes set on turn into green dots I'm 14 weigh139 lbs male

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