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Hardcore trip...

Last summer, I was hanging out with 3 of my buddies and we got some kabensies, 8 grams to be exact, we each took 2.

Last summer, I was hanging out with 3 of my buddies and we got some kabensies, 8 grams to be exact, we each took 2. We wen't over to one my my friends house and when we entered his neighborhood the body effects started to kick in and when we got to his house, we went in his shed which is lifted off the ground, this is when we started tripping. We all started laughing and the shed seemed as if it were floating away from its legs or something. Anyways then we went behind his house into the woods and we were tripping more and more, my friends all sat down to smoke a bowl but I went into the woods to explore. I started tripping really bad and I grabbed onto a tree and slowly fell from it and fell into some bushes. I didn't care about how wet I was or that I was being covered with bugs, I felt one with nature I guess. Anyways this is when I started to hallucinate hardcore, I was going from random past memories to the next, to the righ I would be at some house from when I was little, to the left were random friends floating around. After about 10 minutes I realised my friends had taken off, so I decide to go off and search for them. When I finnaly reach the fence between the woods and my friend's backyard, I stop, I feel like im in a maze, except there is nothing, and random words and being mixed together, they get louder and louder, quieter and quieter, I'm tripping really bad at this point. I look up at the fence and I see one my friends peeking his head over to see what I'm doing, to me it feels like I'm in a giant box, and my friend looks like a giant godlike figure looking down at me. I wonder around some more and finaly find the gate. I wonder around the yard and then make my way to the front where I find my friends. We wonder around the neighborhood and I don't say a word. My friends are all worried about me. Finnaly we decide to continue. As we walk, I reach the peek, it feels as if I'm dreaming and I sort of lose control of myself. I'm experiencing all sorts of bizzare hallucinations. At this point, my friends seem like people I knew years ago and I forgot about, I'm not sure if I even know them. One my friends repeats himself "calm down it's all in your head" but I can't help but ignore it. Every once in a while I would stop and I would come back into reality, and my friends would be confused as hell, I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or if I was awake, I forgot I did shrooms. After walking around for a couple of hours we make it to my friends house, and we're not sure if it's safe for me to go in, at this point I feel like I must end the dream and I rush into the house, go upstairs and dive behind my friends bed, then everything becomes somewhat normal again, I am no longer fucked up but I am semi retarted from the after effects.

Really bizzare huh? After doing the shrooms however I felt like a new person, my whole perspective on things became alot more mature, before I was alot more selfish and didn't always get things.

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