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HARDCORE hallucinations

Ok So my names james, 17, short but strong for my size, smoke bowls, joints at least 10 times a day, trip about once a month, if that.

Ok So my names james, 17, short but strong for my size, smoke bowls, joints at least 10 times a day, trip about once a month, if that.Il tell you about my first time wich was also my best.I originaly went to grab a 1/2 ounce of skunk, but when I got there he had 3 ounces of shrooms 4 sale, so i bought a 1/8 of bud and 1/4 of shrooms, 4-5 grams.Excited, I called on my friends to share the experience, everyone was out witha g/f driving lessons or at the school talking to the VP.lolStupid eric, neways, I could not go home so I called on some other people, people I did not , whats the word, asscociate, well with, but I needed someone, so we all get together and go to smoke a 3 paper in the forest, I had specificaly come to do the shrooms with a certain freind, but he was nowhere to be found, and everyone else had things to do after our little session, so it was up to me to finish them off, some hot chick who i didint even know efered me some chocolate chip cookies to down the caps "feet" taste, it worked great, first a gram, 5 minutes, nothing, another, 10 min nothing, so on until my friends stares in dissbeleive as I lick the bag.By this time out spilff has burned down, and i begin to roll another rizzla, i spark it up, take a toke talk a little, my friend said something to me, i looked at his face and it was a giant cookie, only it wasa monster, so a cookie monster I guess.I was so fucking scared, I had not expected them to come on this strong, I jump up and run along the creek I stop in front of this huge trippy pink tree, unkowing it actualy is pink, bloming with flowers, I begin to lose my mind, my friends catch up with me and laugh deeply as i lay on the ground staring at the tree swaying in the breese, think about it, treese are not normaly pink, do you know how hard thats gonna hit you on shrooms?So my friends are trying to calm me down, but they are all diferent monsters, my friends cookie head is gone and replaces by what looks like a chunk of playdoh thrown against a wall, best I can explain it, unless you know the Nickelodeon sign.We walk back to our smoking spot and talk, i lay back and take it in, i hear these incredibly annoying noises in my head echowing, not knowing what they mean, i sit up to see my friends moving their lips, but some foreign language comes out, at this point they have noticed my pupils and again laugh deeply, our joints are done and people have things to do, so the chicks leave us an my friend goes to his appointement, we head over to the school and wait for the guy whos was at the parent principle kid talk thing, he joines u sin the park a half hour later, after i have trashed my bike by jumpingoff a pile of construction dirt into a portable, it still sits in my garage deformed to this day.LOL.Neways my friend luaghs insanely at my pupils and takes my busted by to go get somebody, i begin to roll another joint but everyone says they too, must go.So not beign able to go home, I head back to my dealers to chill, he too laughs at my when he opens the door and sees the size of my pupils, he said"man, you didint take that whole 1/4 did you" I nod yes and he laughs again as he lets me in, he puts on the first matrix,thinking il enjoy it, he has surouns ound, you can bet that was trippy, im feeling like a feather right now, i stroll around his appartement and take a couple wiffs of the pot plants on his window sill, I sit down and watch the movie with him as he smokes a bowl, the door knocks and its his buddy, my dealer tells him what i did and for the next 10 minutes he tryeis to scare the fuck out of me, I Stand up and WHAM a new wave, i coapse to the floor and laugh my ass off, triping as the floor tiles rise and fall,3 dimensionaly, rising and falling like a..those graph things, my fealer gives me a little plastic lizard, i proceed to chew on it and laugh at the floor for 4 hours staright, when i mean straight i mean nonstop, id take a breath laugh as hard fast and long as i can, when my lungs cravwed oxygen id take another and laugh harder, my dealers friend drags me across the hardwood floor as i drool and snort, into the other room, at 11:30 i wake up with a folded up blancket under my head absolutely covered in drool and snot, the plastic lizard lays beside me, i stand up and feel realy weird, i go to the bathroom and wash my still red face, i looked like shit, i go to the living room and see that my dealer and friend are sleeping, i get on my busted bike and leave, go home to my 2 inch tall parents lol tlk a lil, go upstairs throw up out my window, smoked a bowl, went to sleepBy the way i started around 6-7I forgot to mention the incredible cartoon, fairytales and monster halucinations, name a cartoon character from your childhood, and i probly saw it creeping up on my that night.I also saw alooot of laprechauns, prob because i was told i would see them dancing on the counter, so i made it hapen, id go into the halucinations, but im sure you were bored along time ago..

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