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It was spring of our freshman year of college.

It was spring of our freshman year of college. This guy that we bought pot from all year convinced us to try mushrooms. He sold us about 15g. and said we should find at least two other people to do this with for our first time. We decided to split them between myself, my buddy T. and his girlfriend H. She had done mushrooms before and said she had never seen any like the ones we were about to eat. We split them up three ways and washed them down with some orange juice. We then went to our buddy R. room. We were playing video games when T. said he was pissed that he wasn't feeling anything yet. H. said that it took about a half hour to kick in. Suddenly I started to feel clammy and my body started to tingle. I said I was going to the bathroom to throw up. When I got there I found that I couldn't. I came out to find T. pressed up against the wall. He was so fucked up already. I went and layed back down on the bed. I felt like I kept falling off the bed, but R. told me I was curled up in the corner. T. left to go clean his room because he thought his parent were coming. R. left to go make sure he was ok.

H. and I were laying on the bed tripping out. I kept thinking my skin was falling off. Pretty soon H. told me she was cutting off all my hair. This was about an hour and a half into my trip so I didn't give a fuck. All of a sudden the room grew to about twice its actual size and I noticed all the colors that surrounded me. Then I thought that H. and I were little kids playing. I looked around and saw there were more people coming into the room just to laugh at us. I didn't know what was going on, only that everyone was so happy. I thought I was in a place called Happyland. Everyone would try to talk to us but it all sounded like jibberish. I thought that I was drawing all over H. face. We were laughing uncontrollably. Then my buddy R. looked over and asks who I was talking to. I told him I was talking to H. and he said that she left about an hour ago to find T. I could have sworn I had been with her the whole time.

The next thing I remember was that I was suddenly alone in the room staring at my hands. It took me a while to realize that it wasn't my room. I looked around and thought that I broke everything in the room and I thought all my hair was cut off. I got off the bed and walk back to mine and Ts room. By this time I at least know where I am at and that all my hair is still on my head. T. was still pretty fucked up and asked if I wanted to go get something to eat for dinner. Dinner? Holy Shit! It had been like 6 hours.

We decided that we were still too fucked up to go eat so we sat and talked about our trips. It was the best experience that either of us had ever had. I have tripped many time since then and none could compare to the intensity. I would gladly return to Happyland any time.

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