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Happy Food and the Excorsist

A month ago myself and girlfriend moved to London and fell in love with magic mushrooms!

A month ago myself and girlfriend moved to London and fell in love with magic mushrooms! Im from Ireland where they’re illegal and the UK was full of them! Like Amsterdam! Anyway, One night myself and my girlfriend got 2box's (70grams) of fresh ecudorian shrooms. I had done shroos and acid before but nothing compared to what was about to happen to me!!! Anyway... we diced the shrooms up and threw them into soup and ate as fast as we could! so here we are sitting in our new flat and decided to put on the Exorcist! (Interesting film to watch on shrooms to say the least!). Things were Quite for the forst 20 mins or so until we started looking at each other! were werent tripping heavy or anything, just a bit of a giggle to start with. I decided to get up and make something to eat. When i stood up i could barely stand! it was like i was drunk by the way i was walking. So here i am in the kitchen trying to decide what to eat! i was going to make Oxtail soup but this food didnt seem happy for some reason! it was a boring food so i didnt make that! i seen tinned pear halfs and for some reason i tought this was the food i was looking for! it was "Happy Food" :-)
After an hour or so of explaining to my girlfriend why pear halves were happy food I decided to go to the bathroom for a trip. (the bathroom usually bring fun to my life on shrooms!). So here I am tripping away off the wallpaper and floor when I hear music! It was some kind of nursery rhyme! I didn’t have a clue where it was coming from! I was convinced it was coming form the toilet cistern! I called my girl in to have a listen and she could hear it too! We were both amazed that we could both hear the music! So anyway, we sat in the bathroom for a while and decided to have sex! We were having sex for a few minutes when suddenly I realized I was totally out of it! In my head I pictured a kangaroo! And when I looked at my girlfriend she was the kangaroo for a couple of seconds! Fuking Weird!!
She went back to the sitting room to watch the exorcist while I stayed in the toilet listening to the Music that wasn’t there and tripping off various things in the bathroom!
This starts to get messed up from here!
I was thinking about everyone back home as I was starting to miss them! So then I tought to myself that I will go back home to them! I tought to myself I would swim to them! Really I was just lying on the toilet floor but in my head I actually leapt off the balcony and onto the ground where I turned into a splash of water! I WAS the water swimming home to Ireland! I remember seeing fishes and all other marine stuff! I don’t know how long I was actually in the toilet but it seemed like a long time! I snapped out of that one when I realized that the music had stopped! The bathroom was now boring as the music was stopped!
When I went back into the sitting room with my girlfriend the exorcist wasn’t even half over! It seemed like it was on for days! I sat down to watch it and got really into it and everything seemed like it was happening in my sitting room! I was fascinated by the fact that people do actually get possessed by the devil (or at least that’s what I tought!). I came up with a plan to get in touch with the government and explain my toughts that we should do something about it!
After a while of pondering on that one I don’t know what happened exactly but from what I remember I was standing up for what seemed like hours in the one spot. It was Halloween so there was fireworks exploding everywhere! This, along with thunder and lightening and ambulance sirens brought my trip to the max! I remember standing there looking at the excorsist happening in my sitting room with lightening coming through the windows into the room and flames of fire everywhere (we were watching southpark the movie the night before so I think that’s where I got that from!). I also remember Raiden out of mortal kombat somewhere along the lines with a sword! I remember sticking the sword into my stomach! I know all this was just going on inside my head but it was as if it was really happening! I wasn’t scared at all until I snapped out of it and went to the bedroom and looked at the clock! It was only 10.30!! I could of sworn it was about 5 in the morning! I panicked thinking I was on this trip for too long! I mean I tought I was on it for years! Time kept looping! One minute it would be 10.30 then 3 in the morning. I lay down to try sleep but after a few mins (which again seemed like hours) I got back up, following my girlfriend around thinking she was going to kill herself for some reason! I was convinced that she was going to!
Then I thought that maybe I was dead and everything that was happening around me was my life flashing before my eyes and any minute It was going to stop and I would wake up while getting buried. I was also thinking that maybe im not dead and im just so out of it that im going to wake up and realize that I done something really terrible like murder my girlfriend and find blood all over the walls!
All this was going through my mind while lying in bed. I must of being in some trance state because my girlfriend said I was talking in riddles! I remember I kept saying “50pence backwards elbow” so maybe I was talking in riddles!

Well ill leave it at that! I tried to keep this short but there was too much so it was hard! A lot of this might seem exaggerated but this really happened! (well in my toughts it did anyway).
I swore Id never do them again but i done them the week after! That’s another story!
Till next time!


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