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Grocery Store Trip

Well, I work at a grocery store.

Well, I work at a grocery store..and me and a co-worker decided that since our manager was in mexico for the week, we will take our lunch downtown and munch on some mushrooms. Everything was fine, we had 2 grams each. After returning to work at 2, 30mins after munching, i could start to feel my legs float off the ground. I went to the back and felt a strong feeling in my arms so I started to lift boxes that I felt i normally couldnt and had no problem. I was still feeling slightly high. 30 mins later, I was packing bags at the front of the store, and than my arms started to feel like they were jello. I started flying through all the bags and throwing stuff in and laughing when things would make sounds.

I took a break and walked around hte store for 15mins, and i eventually started flying around the store...yes...flying...my feet were no longer on the ground and I could see the entire store, and i was taller than everyone, looking down at them. I thought to myself, wow this is the best, and I felt an overwhelming sense of 'feeling good'. Just as I thought about how good I felt, i kinda leaned into a shelf full of olives.

About 12 bottles of olives fell on the floor, and this was no halucination, olive juice flooded the floor on the other side and the bottles almost landed on some kids head. His mom started yelling at him because she thought he broke all of them, but I ran over and said it was ok ill clean it up. I stuck my head around the corner and just started laughing as hard as I could. Seeing all those olives rolling around cracked me up, than my friend who munched with me came wlaking around the corner kind of like a fairy, he was feeling the effects but not near as much as me. we both stood there laughing until our boss came around and, right away, he knew we were f*cked up. We didnt care, we just stood there.

I dont remember alot of stuff from this, but I DO remeber that everything had a dark red tint to it, my hearing senses were completely gone, I Could only hear people talk from about 3 feet in front of me, and anything more than that seemed like they were just speaking air. at one point in the washroom..i saw my Mr Happy and it was a gardner snake, than i saw the same snakes in another employees hair. . This was the worst trip of my life, yet, the best one I have ever had, since I never got in any trouble for anything that occured, But I still recommend NEVER MUCH AT WORK!

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