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Hand through Saturn

I had 7g of Semilanceatas and my friend Kevin had the same amount.

I had 7g of Semilanceatas and my friend Kevin had the same amount. We drove up to the ridge of a hill overlooking over 30 miles of countryside. We opened the shrooms and consumed them around 12.40 am. Within minutes something felt different, like a wave gradually building inside my body. Kev rolled a joint while he still could and I was feeling light headed, it was taking more and more effort to raise my hands or turn my head.
I moth had entered the car and was instantly attracted to the interior light. I moved my hand towards it noticing spatial dimensions were shifting. The trip was taking hold.
My mind was wandering more and more and the car seemed to be rocking back and forwards as if it was floating just above the ground. Kevin's trip was progressing at a similar pace to mine and we were discussing constantly each others perceptions.
By 1.40 I was rising fast. I could see the light from the car radio penetrate my eye lids and enter my brain. Distant spot lights and tracers raced behind my closed eyes. I was noticing grids of what seemed like neon viruses covering my entire fields of vision. I was holding a bottle of juice for the duration of trip so far and seemed helpless to put it down. The physical world and everything in it lost all meaning and importance from then on. I was experiencing intense blending of all aspects of my mind. People's faces I had seen all my life entered my head but meant nothing. They just melted away into infinity and so did I.
There was a period of silence in the car. It was just past 2.00 am now when my phone rang. I knew we were going to answer it but we were both tripping hard. It was our friend Peter wanting to know how the trip was going. Kevin spoke to him making little sense, just laughing and taking shit. We talked about some everyday things like work amongst all the insanity but we couldn't recall who anyone was. I couldn't understand who my father was or what he meant. I asked Kev and he didn't know. We asked other basic questions about reality and our lives but we didn't have any answers. We were lost in it now, our minds fragmenting into the blending. We were starting to peak. Kevin said he didn't know if his eyes were open or closed. My thoughts were very cosmic at the peak. There was no time or space anymore. I was witnessing space travel without travelling. I was everywhere at once. I started telling Kev several times I was going to place my hand through Saturn and I did it. Was this happening. I was sure it was. I was existing as pure thought so no matter how great the distance I could travel there. The sense of freedom and power is beyond words, far beyond words.
We asked each other about whether we were experiencing insanity or nirvana or both. I gazed over the valley seeing the entire world. I had lost any perspective on physical things. (This was the most profound aspect of the trip for me) I thought I might be in Australia or Mexico. I didn't have a fucking clue where the hell I was.
We talked about how irrelevant other drugs were and how we would tell everyone about our state of pure consciousness. I was engulfed in magical feelings of creation and knowledge. Like all my trips I was sure I wouldn't lose this knowledge. Not this time. I planned to tell my father how easy it is to time travel. You just do it. That's what it was like. Nothing seemed impossible. Nothing was impossible not even the impossible.
I knew when the peak came. I was having regression of dreams. My life seemed like a giant fantasy in a very alien place. I can't begin to explain some of the ideas I was having at this point. How could my brain be creating all this? We talked about Jesus, God and creation, trying to grasp the answer, the ultimate answer but there's nothing to grab hold of on a trip. More questions arise. All there was was questions. When tripping I feel like there's nothing to process the information and make sense of it. Everything just flows changing direction. Things just fly on by. It's impossible to hold a thought and study it. The drug is clearly in control. All we can do is sit, watch and get taken along.
Death seemed like an impossibility. There was no way to ever extinguish that power that was within my mind. I was thinking about everything simultaneously. Was the after life like this. Again so many questions.
Kevin started to come down a little before me and wanted to get out the car. I was wasted but got out anyway. Our egos were barely functioning as we stumbled around in this very alien but incredibly spectacular place. We could appreciate the visions now we were picking up the pieces of our minds. The hills were swaying. Huge valleys were appearing where there was none.
We sat back in the car, the time being close to 4.00 am. The car was gently rocking covered in a haze. The air seemed very dense as I waved my hands around staring at the tracers. Everything was peaceful now. We were back in the physical world where Saturn was no longer so easy to reach.

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