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Greatest Time of My Life

The day started out normal enough, me and a buddy went over to the local dealers house and decided to embark on a journey.

The day started out normal enough, me and a buddy went over to the local dealers house and decided to embark on a journey. We got there and picked up a half OZ, and before you know it were planning on eating with the dealer and a few others. We quickly digested an eith of mush(cubensis)and began walking. Somehow we eneded up at an abandon train tunnel. At that point the visuals started to set in, the tunnel looked like an Aztec fortress and before you know it we were on our way again. We ended up in our local park next. I lost touch with everything, we were running through the baseball field, which at that point appeared to be a pearly white color. This is were it started to get weird, the next thing i know me and the six other people were laying on our backs in a circle and i was eating a cigarette, the sky seemed as if it was falling but i just continued to eat.

Before you know it a whole bunch of cars show up at the park and they began ranting and raving, (something about we scared thier bitches away) but that was the last thing on my mind. we hopped in a random van with another one of our good friends, and were on our way to the mountains. i looked down at my stomach and it kept changing shapes and bubbling, at one point i believe i saw it melt through the seat i was in.

know we were in the mountains. We all began to walk but every time we would make progress we would end up falling down the trail about 30 feet. All of the sudden we all found our selves getting sucked into a large hole(this is weird). we all began hanging on to what we could for our lives, we were getting sucked into a whole that was not even 6 feet deep. it was like some sord of energy was pulling us in, it was incredible and we all felt it. Next is the moment that defines the happiest point in my life. me and my childhood friend since i was around 3 years old, began to climb deep into the canopy of a large pine tree. it was the stuff dreams are made uf, were 30 feet up in a tree and on the face of the biggest mountain that looked over the town every one else had different trees on the face and we were all mezmerised by the veiw. i began to reach the plateu watching the lights in town, it seemed like up there in that tree nothing existed existed except me my friends and the lights of the now shut down city.

We lost our way soon and couldnt find were we had left the van. we grabbed a 40 feet long tree that had no limbs abd began carrying it down the almost verticle trails of the mountain, for some reason we would not leave this log behind. we named it the pole of shroomehood and when we came to a level spot we raised it straight up in the air and smoked a victory bowl because we had cariied the log all the way down the mountain.

We eventually found our way down the mountain and the pole of shroomhood is still at the base of this mountain today, many people go there to smoke around it and they all know its story. we got down to a little ledge and began to come down. we all had agreed that this had changed us. it was like the end to a very sad movie, with a lesson well learned. this was truly the greatest moment of my life, and if i die tomorrow i can be happy with that knowing that this took place before hand

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