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greatest day of my life

it all started off one night after band practice.

it all started off one night after band practice.me and my freinds or bandmates
had decided to go on an adventure.so we sat up all night takeing ecstacy and makeing music and shareing experiances.morning came, and we embarked on our journey. splitting up into 2 groups we went to 2 diffreent feilds.we had a run in that day with the farmer. he wasent to mad so he let us go.we had got away safely with a total of 3 doses. each dose to us contaning about 20 to 30 caps.
so we went back to kyles house. my old guitarist.we sat down and attempted to share but no one accepted due to lack of sleep.so we sat down and began the consumption.some people say you cant hide the taste...bbq sause works i promise
heartburn is a bich though..i would say i ate a total of about 20 to 25 caps in a matter 5 or 10 mins...but they were very small caps about the size of warheads.so i thought nothing of eating so many..well immediately after i got done i felt the first wave.we had made plans to go to the beach.so i encouraged the movement get a little faster.so we hurried, but the power of the mushrooms was to great.befor i knew it the mushrooms had me.what seemed like in a matter of mins.all i could do is not talk and look to the sky
for a sign of existance.all i could see where bright yellows,light purples, and greens. i was completely retarded pretty much.so we get to the spot.
keep in mind i had never been to the spot befor in my life.going somehwere you have never been in a level 5 trip is fucking confuseing.now. at the time i didnt know what was going on but i remeber it all pretty clearly.we pulled into this neighborhood where they had pods and after seeing one i saw a dozen.at least i think.and all the house where perfect.like the edward scissorhands neighborhood.and we parked in what seemed like the most random spot.we got out and i couldnt help but feel paranoid.like i was doing something bad.and every word that come out of my two freinds mouths sounded like jibberish.at this point and time in my trip all i knew where faces. that is what kept me sane that day.so i followed like a lost puppy.they talked and i tried to talk, but i later found out i was the one talking jibberish.
i noticed i couldnt help but ask repetedley.didnt we do this already...
so after what seemed like eternity.i did come to but when i came to i was still not all their.so i came to and joind in on conversations, asked about the stupid shit i did during my mind blowing experiance.not knowing it was far from over.we walked around for awhile and we walked around a tree and all i could see after walking around the tree is this animated world.a world of colors and bright light. a world where the shadows looked bright even.
and my god the flowers that wher blooming off all these trees.the light seemed to spin in a cricle like motion. spinning around my head.the light come and brighten everything,and flowers would just bloom off of everthing in sight.
then the light would go away and the flowers would die.at this time im about 8 hours into the trip and we are lost in the woods in baton rouge.
we finaly find the beach.and suddenly i snap back into a sober mind set.it went just as quick as it came.but i still had full on hallucinations.suddenly i realized i didnt know where i was at how we had got their or where we lost the truck at but i was scared for awhile.but all in all i feel the need to tell this because.this was the only time i have ever tripped that hard and i want to do it agin i have tried and tried but it dosent work.any suggestions on how to make my tripps this hard everytime?

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