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Great. Im Insane!

I have only been tripping for a few months now, but have tripped a total of 5 times, and tomorrow will be 6.

I have only been tripping for a few months now, but have tripped a total of 5 times, and tomorrow will be 6. But my most memorable trip is my first:

My friend T had told me all this cool stuff about tripping on shrooms, and I had wanted to try them for a long time. So then my friend J tells me that he can get me some, so I jump on the opportunity and buy them.

My other friend K had told me that if he could go back and do his first trip over, he would eat an 1/8th to himself. He also told me that vitamin C and Orange juice would make me trip harder, so with all that I should have a good time. (And boy did I ever)

I ate the mushrooms later that evening, along with 13,000mg of vitamin C and a gallon of Sunny Delight. Then my girlfriend C, her brother D, and T, and I rode around in her car. I ate them at between 10 and 10:30pm. D was trying to make me laugh, but he only succeeded because what he said "wasn't" funny, and it made it all the funnier.

At about midnight when C had to go home, I thought I had been ripped off because I only got a mild stoning affect from the whole bag. Just then I thought I saw someone hiding in a tree, but as I looked back I saw nobody, so I dismissed it as nothing.

Well I was wrong about being ripped off. I was at my friend T's house for about an hour and a half, but it felt like 12+ hours. I would be sitting at a desk, and the music that was playing, and T's voice would slow down to almost nothing, or it would sound like it was being played through water. Then I would lose my grip on reality for what seemed like 4-5 hours at a time, and when I came back it would be about 10 minutes later. When I would walk around his house, I would run into things because they would look like they were miles away.

At this point in time he told me that he had never actually shroomed before and that he just made it up. I didn't even get mad. Instead I tried to tell him what my experiences were so far, but to no avail. All that would come out was jibberish. I would forget what I told him and tell him again, then remember. After telling him about everything 8 times, I turned and started talking to myself. I told myself to stop bothering with it because he couldnt understand me.

Then I decided to walk home, because his bedroom was too cold to stay in it felt like, and I only live about a 5 minute walk from his house. I didn't know that while tripping that hard, it would be about a 4 hour walk, and I didn't even have a coat. It was also -20 degrees outside.(I live in Alaska)

While I was walking to my house, reality would again cease to exist for hours and when I would come to, I would either be only a few steps ahead of where I was, or a few steps behind.

Finally I got home. My dad was asleep and my mother was gone. I thought the coast was clear, so I went to my room to try and goto sleep. While lying in bed, I was thinking to myself of this story my brother had told me: He didn't want me to shroom so he told me that he knew a guy who shroomed and now he was in an institution because he thought he was an orange and everyone was going to eat him.

Thinking of this, I began to believe I had gone insane. I thought that I was going to be like that forever. Every minute seemed like hours, and I thought about suicide frequently. The only reasons I didn't were because I didn't want to wake my girlfriend's parents up by calling her to tell her that it wouldn't have been her fault, and I didn't want her to feel that kind of pain. I also didn't want to get blood all over the house, but it was too cold to go outside and do it.

I didn't know how to tell my parents tomorrow morning why I had gone insane. Just then I heard my mom come home. She had told me not to shroom too, but she was still a little drunk from the bar, so she was more sympathetic. That lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, even though I didn't tell her I was insane. I would have to wait until morning to call my girlfriend before I could do the unthinkable act. No position I tried was comfortable to sleep in, but I finally collapsed from exhaustion.

When I got up the next morning I didn't feel the same, and I haven't since. It changed my life and I now appreciate my life and other things more. I took everything for granted before.

That trip was like getting my life taken away from me and not being able to do anything about it. Then suddenly getting it back when I thought its gone forever.

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