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great and then horrible

Well it all started on a trip to toronto.

Well it all started on a trip to toronto. I had these really good mushrooms, not sure what kind (caps were goldon colour). After leaving the guverment, which is a big club in Toronto, I decided to eat six grams of these mushrooms. I started to trip back in the hotel room, and it was awesome. First there were these pure fellings of awesomeness that would run trough my body, I was having a blast. The music was lifting me to new and incredible levels, I was definately grooving. I started dancing around and having a great time. I started liquid dancing in ways that I never thought possible. This is where everything kinda got interesting. Some girl from the other room kinda started to kill my buzz, by making fun of rave culture that way we dance, drugs and our music. I locked her out of my room and continued to have a good time. Things started to move around a lot and morph with other objects, the liquid dancing became the prime thing, I cracked some glow sticks and started having a blast with them, just making them do really cool things. Every thing started to have really long trails and 3 dimentional images were apparent upon shutting my eyes. Every kinda ceased to exist at this point, any thing I saw didn't seem to matter much. And this is when that bitch came back into the room and sent me flying into a bad trip. My friend was g'd-out on the floor and she started yelling OMG he's o'd'ing, started taking over the calm fun vibe I had set in my room, and sent it into hell. This is where things got really bad. I was realling starting to get mad about different things and this didn't help the situation. And then it happend. The stupid revalation that ruined the whole thing. (Obviously it was a false thing that in those times of anger and with the destruction of my happy vibe that I made up in my head)
For I began the believe that the cops where going to bust me , I had some ther drugs with me along with over an ounce of mushrooms all baged up and realy to sell, and a few hundered dollars in my wallet..) The conspiracy in my head began to form, I started to figure everything out.
An asain in the club thst I ofered to buy 20 pills off of told the cops about me because I refused his offer. I asked some cops for directions upon leaving the club, and three asains were sitting at the enrance to the hotel. I had figured out that they knew where I was and were gonna bust me. My friend being sober tried to talk me out of it, but I was too far gone into the bad trip. More and more reasons for my immenentarrest styared flying into my head, I started to think that there was a big conspiracy agains me and that my friends who would never do such things had set me up. It was over I was gone into the delusional thoughts. And there was still an hour until the mushrroms would peak. I started fliping out saying we must leave the hotel. My friend still trying to convince me that it was all in my head. There was nop way I could explain it to him. Then we started to hear cop sirens. That didn't help the situation. I knew I was doomed. We were hearing more and more, when my friend suddenly looked out the window and told me about the cop station across the street. Even though in real life it was the cops returning home, I took as my impending doom. I started flipping out, reality did not exist at this point, the visual world no longer existed the way I remembered it, I WAS FUCKED!!

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