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Hey, I'm 15, from iowa and use to tripping, but anywho i'll tell my story.

Hey, I'm 15, from iowa and use to tripping, but anywho i'll tell my story...
My parent's were going on vacation, driving somewhere, and i wanted to fly so they flew me out to airazona to my grandma's.Knowing this a week ahead of time i figured that this vacation really shitty so i decided to make at least a little bit of it fun.So i looked around for a couple day's and found some shroom's B+, so i bought to bag's and and a 40 bag of weed.The night before i went i cooked up some hemp cookie's since there was no way to sneak my drugs in the air port.So i got five cookie's made and two bag's of shroom's.My parent's drive to the air port and drop me off i had an hour till take off,so as my parent's drove off i went to a bus waiting bench with a big tented glass window surronding it i went in there and no one was around so i scarfed down the shroom's and ate two cookie's as someone walked in.I walked out and went straight in the air port and went to the nearest bath room i went to a toilet closed the door and ate the other three cookie's, i felt sick after eating so much shitty tasteing stuff, but i walked it off and went to the plane i figured i would feel both the weed and shroom's and 40 minute's, i sat and waited at the port and it was time for my flight, i had an amazing body high at this point and the most beautiful trail's.I got on the plane and took my seat, a window one!!!, as we sat in the plane waiting for take off i started to get really scared and perinoid.I wanted to scream, i was stuck inside this tube and I started to get really strong visuals, everything morphed into each other the inside looked as if it was shrinking and growing and spinning.I was hearing the craziest shit in my head loud weird song's that made everything flash.Then i heard the captin telling us to put are seat belt's off this scared me really bad, i couldn't figure out how to get the seat belt on i almost cried the lady next to me then put it on and fastened it.Then we started to move a little faster each second i began to have the most wonderfull body high as the plane moved faster, i looked out the window and everthing was just one trail.Then all the sudden we took off,it was the scariest and most beautiful thing ever i could see a long white bright trail leading to the ground.The ground looked as if it was an ocean in the mist of a hurrican only really nice looking.Everything was perfect being away from the ground took me to a toatlly different world.Everything was different now.In a way i can't explain it was so weird and un real word's honestly describe it.I just watched at the ground seeing my self on the ground, doing exactly what i was doing it was the coolest thing ever seen.Anyway's to make a long story short that was the best day of my life i recomend everyone try it, the whole ride was great!!

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