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Good Read: 4.5 grams dried

SWM 18yr 190 lbs.

SWM 18yr 190 lbs.

I am 18 years of age and I have been smoking pot and drinking abit for years. I recently got a hold of some mushrooms and have started my tripping ventures. I researched the topics and effect through websites (like this one) to enhance my knowledge a bit more before and during trips.

10:48 PM
It was my 5th trip or so and I decided to make mushroom tea. I find that tea is much more flavorful and smooth then eating crunchy sandwiches. I ground up 4.5 dried grams (I had previously did 4.3 grams 3 days ago and went great... and made one cup of english-breakfast-mushroom-tea. I drank the tea as I smoked pot (always do at the beginning to ease the nausea.

11:10 PM
I'm already feeling the effects, this is too quick...I have never felt it come on this fast before, and I'm excited as shit, but things seem to be going really fast.

11:20 PM
Eyeballs and faces, i am tripping fucking balls. I see like, faces and things are all moving and there are huge color arrays. I looked in my mirror, and I saw myself in like 100 pieces! Cool, but scary...so I went outside.

11:45 PM
On my porch, I usually meditate and try to relax, think about the world on shrooms :)...But these loud ass mother fuckers were BLASTING music like a block down and it was extremely hurting my "chi"...the faces got bigger. I was literally seeing colored faces on the street and on the cars. My stomach began to get a bit queezy.

12:10 AM
I finally decide to go in, and turn some lights on because it's extremely frightening and...the rooms and everything is just moving so much and so quickly...I couldn't handle it. I felt the most nausea I have ever felt...I started coughing.....and then I found myself throwing up a lot into my toilet. I have never had an alcohol "hangover"...but I assume it's something like this..except I hallucinated through the whole thing. The toilet bowl water was changing colors and eyeballs were everywhere. I felt terrible.

12:50 AM
After splashing my face with cold water, I finally layed down..still queezy....in my bed. I take my contacts out so that I cannot see clearly what is going on (first time I tried the technique, please try if having a bad trip)

1:30 AM
Still queezy, I try to curve my trip back on the right track...doesn't work so where I'm happy and euphoric, but I'm thinking about my dreams and having intense, vivid recollections of all my dreams that week.

3:59 AM
Still awake, the effects are over. I smoke my bubbler and reflect on the experience, causing my first really terrible trip to make me appreciate marijuana as if it was my first day smoking it.

4:38 AM
Drift to sleep.

This was my most liquified-hallucinated-trip I have ever had. These visuals were on everything, and was NOT controllable. However, 4.5 grams is what some may consider a "heroic" dose...but hey...I MADE IT TO LEVEL 5!!

My extreme queezyiness may have been caused from the beer I had earlier, but it had been a longg time, maybe a half hour before I drank the tea. Mixing alcohol with mushrooms is not recommended IMO. My mind could handle it...but my stomach said no.

I will trip again, but in smaller doses. Level 5 was scary as balls...but at least I got there and came back :)

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