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first me and a few of my closest friends went shrooming after it had been raining all week.

first me and a few of my closest friends went shrooming after it had been raining all week. AMAZING SPORES EVERYWHERE! it was amazing u look ne were and there they were! we got about 2.5 lbs of pchsclobin cubensis! they were beautiful. this was my first time to do any haullucinegnic drugs of any type. interested in acid before shrooms then realized why risk it SHROOMS ARE AMAZING! we first starting eating around 2 in the am. i was extremely nervous just because i wanted to make sure i could control it when i needed to and not when i didnt have to. ate my first ones in a peanut butter sandwhich..didnt dig it too much bit odd tastin...after both me and my friend at our sandwhich and our other friends were tryin to we went outside and smoked a few cigarettes to calm the nerves..it definately worked and i got a great buzz for a while..first things i realized happening was just things that i knew shouldnt ahve been going on u know like the t.v. "breathing" at me... yeah i was a bit wierded out by it. the first major hallucinations was when me and my friend went for a walk down this street. we were smokin cigarettes and just hanging out then we started talkin about the abstinence of pain like you could tune out pain so we both put out cigarettes on our arms...didnt hurt at all :D then my other friend came out and me and him started peakin we ate two more caps and one stem we stood there for a little bit getting used to the intense visuals...i remember lookin at the grass i could control this red foggy light over it if i told it to go right it would etc. it was trippin me out then i layed down on the grass and told my friend to join me cuz it felt amazin! then we ran out of water in our water bottles and started drinking from a puddle... :/ yeah then we "swam" in it for a while then he spaced off then i looked at the curb and saw lizards crawlin all over it like geicos...i told my friend and then he just tried to see them also quest didnt go to well for him :D haha then this car pulled up this was about six a.m. and he pulled and was like u kids live around here...me bein freaked out as hell stood up and said yeah man down the street and he said get outa the street ull get run over or somin then he pulled away then we walked back to his house saw the guy drive by again and realized somin was up..we were sitting in friends back yard smokin cigs and a cop drives by real slow we flip out run inside hide the shrooms and go upstairs finally left the rest of the time we sat on a couch laughin our asses of for about 3 hours then i dont even kno haha definately gna do it alot more have fun and remember the song from the beatles "turn off ur mind flow down stream"

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