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gone mad!!!!!!!!!

all right, i had it all planned to trip.

all right, i had it all planned to trip...i picked my shrooms that morning, i did about the usual 4-5 grams...ate them and waited 30 mins..i started to feal abit sick..nothing to worry about b/c thats what usally happens...well i decided to go smoke a joint..went outside and lit up?? i only was able to take a few toke and then the shrooms started to kick in...i put out my joint and went inside to watch t.v...everthing was fine..went as normal...colors changing and peoples body were disoriented.. i was having a great time laughing at all the funny stuff i kept seeing....few hours passed and i started to come down..well i decide that i was going to smoke the rest of my joint so i did.. from then things started to get more intense...i was sitting on my bed and the floor under me which was carpet turned into a ceramic floor and turned pure white with colors spinning around it..i looked at my shirt and the colors started to change in front of my face.. it was really cool at the time.. i lit a candle and incense

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