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I started shroomin last Halloween and now it is February.

I started shroomin last Halloween and now it is February. I live in the Pacific North West so when shrooms are in season (August-November)Then like a week after that I did it again. You see the first time I was on Liberty Caps, the second time was Cyanesens which are the most potent kind around here. I did cyanesens about 10 times after that and had very pleasant experiences. One time at school(i'm an eighth grader) I tripped off dried cyanesens and it was a blast. All the guys at my school started doing it. It was really fun until the time when my 105 pound body consumed approx. 50 fresh Cyanesens and I had the scariest night of my life.
I ate them all within about 15 minutes in handfulls. I washed them down with slurpees.I really started tripping hard about 5 minutes after I ate the last shrooms. I kind of felt like I was stuck in time like Ultra-DayJhaVu. Everything in the room was like a big flashing rainbow. My friend asked me if I was alright and It seemed like it happened like 50 times. Then som

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