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going,going GONE 2

Everything in the room was like a big flashing rainbow.

Everything in the room was like a big flashing rainbow. My friend asked me if I was alright and It seemed like it happened like 50 times. Then some big shadow monster thingys grabbed me by my neck and through me in to a corner. I looked around and I was in the bathroom with my head resting on the toilet seat. I heard what sounded like a guy with two metal things(like knifes) clinking together coming closer and closer and closer towards me. Finally a huge bulky man appeared in the doorway. He had horns and reminded me of satan. I heard little voices in my head tell me about all the sins and wrong doings I have done in my life and know I was going to pay for it. Satan grabbed me and diced me into a million pieces with a shiny metal object, not really a knife but something different, hard to explain. I warped into a spinning wormhole that took me back into the living room. My friend( I was at his house) looked at me and his eyes turned bright red and I heard the song Chemicals Between us from Bush dancing in

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