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great trip gone bad

One week last fall, my friend and I decided it would be a good weekend for camping out.

One week last fall, my friend and I decided it would be a good weekend for camping out. The weekend was supposed to be perfectly clear and it wasn't supposed to be too cold out, so we were all for it. We went searching around for a spot to go before the weekend came. We came across a place down a trail that was perfect. There was a huge waterfall(about 60 ft., vertically and horizontilly) and plenty of space to camp around the base. There was land that kind of semi-circled around the waterfall, so it made a good sized bay in the river. We decided we were going to camp on the point of land on the end of the semi-circle, where the river flowed out, which was right in front of the waterfall.
So, we decided we were going to go Friday night. That Thursday night, one of my friends told me that he just got some shrooms in and asked me if I wanted some. I hadn't done shrooms before that, but I had wanted to for quite some time, so got a 1/2 an eighth from him. He recomended this as a good dosage for a first time. My friend got ahold of a couple of tabs of acid, which he has never done, either.
So Friday came along and we got all of our stuff together to go. Right before we took off, my friend's girlfriend decided she wanted to come along. This brought me down a little, because my friend wasn't sure if he wanted to trip in front of her. But we went anyway and just thought we'd see what would happen. We also had some weed and a case of beer, so we could get messed up either way.
We got there near dark and set up camp. just when we had the fire going and it just got dark, my friend's girlfriend decided she was tired and wanted to go to sleep in the tent. This made me very happy. I immediately put my shrooms in the beef stew I was eating and scarfed them up. My friend took the acid a few minutes later. So we sat there and smoked a bowl and drank beer, waiting for it to take effect. I couldn't tell whether it was starting or not, because I was getting a little buzz anyway. About 45 minutes after I ate them, I knew it was starting. I just started smiling a lot and feeling really happy. Before I knew it, I was looking up at my friend to ask if he was feeling anything and saw that his face was very colorful and kind of wavy. I just laughed and started looking at everything. The flowers and plants all had colors waving off of them. I then moved away from the fire and looked at the waterfall. It was amazing. The moon was full and all the stars were out and they lit the waterfall and the river right up. It was just this huge colorful waterfall and I stared at it forever.I couldn't see anything but the waterfall for the longest time. It just looked like it was just flowing out of midair with nothing underneath it or around it. The river was flowing with suds from the waterfall right in front of me which looked really wierd(but cool). I was sitting on this big open rock which was also very cool. My eyes then moved to the stars. They were pretty incredible, too. I could see objects and faces in the stars, like my own constellations. After awhile I remembered about my friend and went back to the fire. I came back to find him wandering aimlessly around the camp site. He was just wandering around the fire rambling something about turkeys or something. I just sat by the fire and laughed at him for awhile. My eyes soon caught the fire and I noticed it was dying down. We both went into the woods together to get more firewood. We didn't get much, though, because the trees were just too cool to look at. I felt like they were going to talk to me or something, but they never did.
So I got back to the fire and threw on the few branches that I got. That was when my friend decided he was going to go into the tent with his girlfriend and call it a night, but I knew he sure as hell wasn't going to sleep. I stayed out there and watched the fire. My eyes were glued to it and the sand surrounding it. I thought that I was in a desert just from looking at the sand around the fire. I just sat there and watched it die down, not being able to move my eyes from it. I didn't really care that it was dying down, though, at least not until I realized that I was all alone. I then decided that I would leave my friends in the tent and sleep outside in my sleeping bag. It started to get very cold out, so I covered my head and everything with the sleeping bag. Needless to say, I could not sleep, because I was still tripping pretty hard. It was kind of cool for awhile because I would see colors and designs and stuff when I closed my eyes. It quickly started to get worse, though. I wanted more than anything to go to sleep, but I couldn't. What made it worse is that I was outside in the woods, in the dark, by myself. All of the sudden it felt like my heart was starting to slow down and I was getting these wierd feelings like my brain was slowing down or something, too. I just remember feeling that for the longest time and thinking I was going to die right out there in the middle of the woods. Then I woke up in the morning and was fine, and relieved. That morning I decided that I would never do them again, but as time passed, I started focusing on the good parts of the trip instead of the bad. I did them again shortly after and had a great time. I just made sure I had someone with me the whole time with the next one.

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