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God,Satan,and me

Just me and my cousin decided to tweak and then go shroom hunting.

Just me and my cousin decided to tweak and then go shroom hunting.It all started off as a normal kinda trip. We walked on the Railroad tracks to get to the farm not having a clue to where we were because we were all tweaked out. Somehow my best friend saw my jeep on the tracks and walked out to find us. For some reason i couldn't understand a word he was saying he sounded like he was talking in another languge.
That's when i started tearing my mind apart. I tore my whole ego and didn't understand myself at all. I didn't know who I was at all.
My friends invited me and my cousin over to their house for some beers but I just wanted to leave and be bymyself.
I didn't want to drive but seeing how my cousin lived to towns over I drove him home. He wouldn't drive even though i ate twice as much as him. Somehow i made it there and dropped him off then drove home.

I tried to sleep it off because i wasn't having a good trip at all. I couldn't sleep needless to say. I kept thinking about mother earth and it was like she was talking to me in a weird language but i could understand.
I got off my bed and got a drink of water. I came back to my room and put my stereo on random. I remember sitting there crying patting my dog when all of a sudden things started getting strange.

Three sparkly glittery faces outlined in gold appeared out of my ceiling. I felt like i was completely comfortable with them and they explained the world and universe to me. I started dancing and laughing. I wasn't in my room any longer, I was in a universe somewhere. It was so amazing and so undescribable.
I felt god enter my body and at the same time I felt satan enter my body. It was amazing. They were fighting over my soul. I remember seeing my blood and my urine and my cum fly all over the walls of my room. They tore my soul apart and fought over it. It was akward I couldn't move at all. I remeber once it was over I had the most incredible orgasim. For some reason I had to pea.
As i sat on the toilet i remember my hair gently falling on my head and my fingers looked so amazing. Anyway at that point in time I pead and I felt like this was my way of being baptized. Satan was taken out of me.
I walked out of the bathroom and that was when I knew i was going to die. I went outside and layed in the grass and fely myself die. I rember feeling at peace with the world and loving everything. I felt god's presence all around and I felt myself die. Then i felt a new me being born.

My life has changed so much from this experience and I know the old me died in my back yard.

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