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God Made A Shell out of Me! (long)

I don't know how we did.

I don't know how we did. But we managed to get through the week of hectic school and at the same time score about 1/2 an ounce of shrooms.

I had frequently used LSD, but the people I was with, L and J had never taken ANY hallucinagen in their lives.

We were to do it on the friday that our school had off at my friend R's house. His parents were home, but we were going to take them after they went to bed.

The day was normal. Band practice on the roof. Skinny dipping in the pool. Normal crazy activities. And then his parents went off to bed.

I wasn't super nervous, but J and L sure were. R was to babysit us, since it was his house. J and L were shaking as they each took an eigth. I took a quarter and my face began to feel hot.

I started to feel like a noodle, not after only 5 minutes. I could barely move my body. I then moved my hand and it made a trail. The bed extended out as far as the eye could see and the Pink Floyd on the record player came to a screaching hault.

I then saw a great white flash and I heard God. He scooped me up with his hand and said he was going to use my body. He said I had come too close to him. I was suddenly back in R's room. I was thrust to the ground and I could not move. The roof extended into the heavens, and the walls melted away. I could see R's figure towering over me. I tried to move and speak, but God was in control of me now. He placed my soul in the back of my brain.

"Call me lightness," he said through my body.

R looked scared and started to draw me.

"Do I inspire you?" god said to R. It was not even my voice anymore.

God took off all of my clothes and asked J and L to come lay with him.

"Touch me children. I am pure beauty. Do you agree to worship me forever child?" he said to L. She broke down in tears and R did too. I then saw third person and the whole room was lit up by my face, which god inhabited.

"I give light, and I take it away," he said. And the lights went out as J and L screamed. God then left my body, and I tried to move, but I simply sunk lower and lower into the ground like quick sand. Time had no meaning. I sank for days.

The further I sank, the stranger I saw. Jokers with diamonds spiraling out of them mostly. I then screamed to the best of my ability.


I had seen what heaven and hell was like and started preaching the "word of lightness" to no one. When I was finally able to sit up again. L was crying. She thought I had died.

"There's consequences for such things..." She kept mumbling to herself.

I crawled up onto the bed and went under the covers where I thought I was in the womb again. I relieved my birth and woke up to the light of the morning.

Everything seemed a memory.

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