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God is Love

First of let me tell you I have been experiencing psychedelic trips for 18 years.

First of let me tell you I have been experiencing psychedelic trips for 18 years. This last experience was the culmination of all the schrooms and acid I have ever taken.

I scored 2 OZ of Cubenses down in Oregon. I immediatly began eating a mushroom and eating a dry roasted peanut on after another while I was driving back to Seattle. Within 1/2 hour and about 1/2 OZ of caps and tops I was having beautiful visuals and my car was floating about 15 feet off the highway. I felt like I was flying.

It began to rain hard and the night was getting darker. I continued driving and grooving on the visuals. I was aware that I was haullucinating and I wasn't "imagining" anything which would cause me to have an accident. YET!

Luckily I ran out of gas (I didn't know I was tripping out on the side of the freeway out of gas at the time). The intensity of the trip blew past anything I had ever had. Every breath I took and the whole world breathed with me. I sat and had all the standard "meaning of life" thoughts for what must have been a couple hours. I won't describe them because all the level 3 & 4 trips described on this board pretty much describe some of the thoughts I was having BEFORE my REAL TRIP started.

I guess things started to get intense when I got "hit" by the train. I could feel my body being ripped apart and thrown all over. My soul left my body like a starburst I remembered every thought and everything that had ever happened in my life. I was born lived and died 1000 times. This circular trip continued for 50,000 years. I grew each time. Grew to understand that the trip down the tunnel of light was what life is all about.

Everything boiled down to God. Light is love, God is love. Jesus IS God.

The will to live is very strong. So strong I think because we want to hold onto what we know (living) and are afraid of what we don't know (death).

I was on the edge... I held on to (Life) but I got a glimsp of the afterlife. Death is going to be a trip. Love is a trip.

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