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Get Thai'd!

A few months ago I was travelling in South-East Asia with some friends, all of us experienced shroomers.

A few months ago I was travelling in South-East Asia with some friends, all of us experienced shroomers. One day, while we were on the Thai island of Koh Phangan, we decided to gobble some mushroom shakes made of Thai cubensis shrooms. There were 4 of us, each had one shake. Now the problem with the Thai shake is that the guys who make it don't use the exact amount of shrooms in each shake - they just reach under the counter, grab a handful of shrooms and stick it in the blender. So when you drink the shake you never know exactly HOW MUCH shrooms are there.
So we each had one - and it wasn't that strong - almost no open-eye visuals, just the great psilocybe feeling you get on shrooms. So about 2 hours after drinking the first shake I decided to be adventurous and have another one, much to the objection of my friends.
After drinking the second we all went down to the beach. Just as I got to the beach - ZZZAAAANGG! The shake kicked in full-power. First of all, I started to feel like a giant. I'm not that tall (6 feet), but my friends......let's just say - a lot less than that. I felt as if was a giant roaming the world with his midget minions. The athmospere was completely idyllic and fairytale-like: it was about 9 pm, there was no one else on the beach, just the quiet sound of the waves rolling up the beach (which was beautiful in itself) and the sounds of the night jungle. As we walked down the beach, we got to a wooden bridge climbing up the rocks at the end of the beach. As we climbed over the rocks, the athmosphere suddenly changed - suddenly there were strong winds and big waves crushing on the rocks. All of a sudden I was somewhere else - not on some tropical island, but in some place dark and stormy, like the highland shores of Scotland. From that moment on, my mind just developed total independence and my body functioned just as a stand for the brain. I looked left - and I was in Scotland, I looked right - Scandinavia, looked behind - back in Thailand, looked forward - Greece. I travel a lot and read a lot - and my personality totally changed along with the places. I was Huck Finn, I was Captain Ahab, at some point I was Charon, the centaur who crosses the souls of the dead over the river Styx (Greek myhtology). And I mean I really WAS (in my mind) all those characters. Every step I took, everywhere I looked - I was somewhere else and I was someone else. My friends tried to talk to me, but I either didn't answer or answered really short answers. I had no idea who those short people walking with me were, I had no idea who I was, where I was, what I was doing there or what I was supposed or expected to do.
After 3 hours on the beach my friends decided to head back to our bungalow. I had no idea where that was - and they expected me to lead the way (they had no idea that at that point my brain and my body operated on totally different levels)! Not only that, but they sent me to the 7-11 to buy munchies with a list of what they wanted. I had no idea what money was and how to use it, what the hell Coca-Cola was and how did it look like, I even started talking in some funny language (which seemed totally understandable to me) with the clerk. But I managed to get my friends what thet wanted and gradually my brain started communicating with the rest of my body. After about 6 hours from the moment I drank that second shake, I was finally starting to get normal again and after about 8 hours, I was back with the mortals.
I did shrooms about 25 times before that (Mexican, Thai, Tampanensis, Copelandia) and I did LSD about 50 times before that - but that night in Koh Phangan was definitely the best trip of my life!

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