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Geometric Mathematical Flowering Allignment

I`m quite a frequent user of this stuff and my faith towards it is strong.

I`m quite a frequent user of this stuff and my faith towards it is strong. The particular experience I am about to tell took place one night when I had the house to myself and was getting really bored with my recent style of life. I really felt I needed something new so I turned to my magical stash of Golden Caps. I started with 2 and a half grams which took me through the usual feelings of body and mind forcefully being centered and crossed the peak after about 3 hours. I had spent the time concentrating on bodily pressure-like things and reflecting on my life in general. This made me feel pretty refeshed and rejuvinated but my artistic and spiritual inspiration level was still low. I decided to take some more. I decided to really go for it and whopped down another 7.5 grams. That sure did the trick. This second round started with a heavy rush of unconfortable bodily feelings and heavy mental pulls towards fear, desperation, and total confusion. I new the only option was to hold on so I did. With everything I had. The intensity that was required to do this was so great that it blew me into another space. A space which was somehow the product of everything that had been and the energy I was giving off from holding on to my life. The space was totally blisful and seemed to be a result of the natural laws of geometry. It was everything I could have possibly imagined in one big mathematical, geometric, electric, pure, unbeleivably ecstatic, perfect show. A show with no beggining or end. Everythings happening at once. I kept thinking about Buddah and all the all-encompassing things he talked about. Thoughts like "Its ok forever and it always has been" brought tears of bliss to my eyes. There was nothing but love in this this space. When for some reason a thought about George W. Bush popped up into my mind, it was accepted into this space with pure love. A kind of feeling like a mother giving a smile of pure love to a baby that is crying in discomfort. It trully was amazing. After spending the next few hours experiencing everything at once, I slowly faded back into regular levels of reality completely satisfied and absolutly awed. I spent the next few weeks fully charged with ideas and inspiration coming to me like Niagras. Thanks again my cosmic friend.

Please note that this is a really really really really really really brief outline of what really happened.

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