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Future Melbourne 2

Well, here I am again.

Well, here I am again. Felt a bit lonely today, well, I had a choof, and it was good.. Well, continuing on from my last story, I was in this space ship which had nothing but a computer screen. And the aliens, or I thought there were, started talking in silent language. And the ship started to take off. We flew high above the city. Imagine, i felt so happy that I did not want to leave this place.

I sat down on the sit and the alien told me to take control of the space ship. Okay, i suppose it's not gonna eat me or something. I sat down and started to tell the computer to fly with my mind. I said turn left at Swanston St, and it did... well, my alien host were saying how nice it would be if i could se their home planet, i said ALRIGHT !!! let's get going then, alright they said, they told me to fllow them into this chamber i think it's one of those hibernation thing i dunno , anyway, i went in to one of the chamber and guess what, I felt as if the hwole universe was coming down, and lifting me up into the skies... all of a sudden i was inthis beautiful planet, it was surrounded by three rather large moons and 6 smallers ones. My aliens friends said that I was standing on their planet which is almost 5 billion light years away from earth. Whew.!! The sight were wonderful, people or rather aliens were friendly, and i know I somehow felt that all of this are real. I touch one of them on the cheek and it was soft.

Every being were looking at me and saying how nice i look... oh well, anyway, then they brought me into this large alien architecture which made it look a bit like one of the buildings i saw on star wars...

to be continued

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