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Future Melbourne

Well, here I am, lonely as usual.

Well, here I am, lonely as usual. I don't have much friends anyway. I'm broke most of the time because I'm working and studying at the same time. Well, you guys know that a life of a student is always a life of misery and suffering especially if you don't come from rich parents. Anyway, I ws working for my school, and I got paid two days ago.

After getting paid, I bought some Huadirn herb and a couple gram of PC. Well, as I was walking home, I just could not wait if to go home and take it. Instead I took all the shroom which I think were about 6 g or so, it was not much anyway. So, while I was walking, I felt a bit sick. I tried to puke but I could not. Then all of a sudden, the trees started to wobble, and the ground became a stream of green liquid. Oh shit, what a wonderful sight.

Because the action was too much, I started to sit down and looked around me. I found a rock and I sat on it, the bloody rock started to tell me how unkind i was sitting on him. I told him Iw as sorry and started to walk down this purple path which leads to god know where....!!!!

Gathering my courage, I walked through this path until I came to a stream.... later I found out that it was actually a row of shining surface.. anyway, I looked up and Iw as teh most beautiful futuristic city anybody could see... I live in Melbourne. Oh, wow, the buildings became as if it had a life of its own. Thw windows started smiling, by bending themselves towards the sill...

There was an aeroplane that flew over and in my world, the aeroplane was a futuristic flying plane. I was so happy. I started to walk again and the whole landscape became so green. I walked down a hill and I met a funny looking alien, he spoke to me in a funny language and all of a sudden his speech became English. I undestod him. He said that I am presently in Melbourne in the year 3000.

He brought me on his space ship and he told me that I should take life a bit easier and don't worry too much.....

To be continued........

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