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Great Day With Nature

Wow I had an amazing day last Saturday when I ate some shrooms with a friend of mine.

Wow I had an amazing day last Saturday when I ate some shrooms with a friend of mine. The first time we tried to trip of shrooms I got a slight buzz but that was it. This time however, it would be way different! We decided to consume the shrooms around 2pm on a beautiful Saturday. My friend and I split an 8th of shrooms with some triscuit crackers. They didn't taste that great, but it was all good once they were down. We decided to bring with us our discmans so that we could jam out to some music during the trip. After about 30 minutes of eating the shrooms, I noticed that the trees had slightly changed color. When we got there, they appeared to be a gray color because it's late fall. Now they appeared to be a bright tan color which was very appealing to the eye. I couldn't stop staring at them. My friend was listening to her cd, and she decided to go on a little journey into the woods. I decided to just stay in this spot that we were currently at. I sat down in this chair that was left out there from some people who had been partying out there the night before. Things got REALLY good when I put in Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. Wow! For some reason, I noticed how beautiful the clouds looked that day. It was partially overcasted, but it was still cool. All of a sudden, I was staring at the clouds, and it looked like the clouds were morphing into different shapes, that went along to the music. The clouds would start moving slowly, and then as the song would build up, the clouds would move faster and faster. It kinda reminded me of when they show tapes of cities for the weather forecast, and they show clouds moving in fast forward. It was similiar to that. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. I saw some interesting shapes in the clouds too. I saw an image of a chick's face, and it looked like it was laughing! I started laughing when I saw it. I also saw a plane that flew all the way across the sky, I must of followed it with my eyes until it was out of vision. When my friend came back from the woods, she was looking for one of my cd's I had brought. It seemed like when I would talk to her, the clouds would stop and be normal moving. Then after I was done talking to her and started focusing on all the clouds again, they would get faster again. What was amazing, was how I noticed that there was absolutely no breeze at the time, and the clouds were just rolling fast! At one point it almost seemed like the sky was falling, it was amazing. I can't even describe it! That had to of been the climax of my trip. After about an hour or two later, my discman batteries decided to die on me which really sucked! I decided to bring out my talking Spongebob doll out of my backpack just for kicks. When I pulled him out, there was a tiny spider on the tip of his nose and that was kinda sketched out! Don't know if it was real because my backpack was sitting on the groung open. I decided to throw him back in there! After that, I kept hearing people screaming really far away. It didnt really scare me or anything like that, it was just weird! On our walk back, my friend decided to rap to me some songs that she was listening to on her discman, and we were getting so into it. All day, I felt like I was becoming a part of the music I was hearing. On our way back from the woods, all the trees we were walking past seemed so huge. They seemed to be "sticking out towards us", very interesting. We got back home and just chilled out listening to some more Pink Floyd and looking at some cool screensaves. I definitely recommend shrooming! It was just the right amount for my first trip. Talk about shroomin Balls! Happy shroomin!!!!!

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