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Fungus Flippin'

Well i was with 3 of my boys, "D", "S" and "A" .

Well i was with 3 of my boys, "D", "S" and "A" . It was Friday night and we had to find shit to do. So we headed over to one of our numerous dealers to get some E. Each of us popped a pill, a tan Pikachu. We were rollin' nuts for hours on end. I had a great body buzz and i was getting pretty decent visuals. We sparked a couple joints and relaxed, and after that i decided i was pretty much done for the evening, Drug-wise. However, the other 3 were going drug crazy and wanted to eat some shrooms on top of it. I didn't really feel like doing that, but i didn't want to be a little hoe, so i bought an eighth-ounce. Each of us ate our own eighth with those lil' Pizza Pretzel Combos, which made them go down easy. We drove to "A"'s house to relax and shoot some pool. Gradually i started seeing some MAD SHIT on the pool table. I saw lines everywhere on the table and i couldn't make a damn shot. The balls seemed to be rolling around but in one spot. Plus they were growing and shrinking right before my eyes. I dropped the pool cue and sat on the couch. I was trippin Balls. Things were flipping around and turning, everything was twisting all over the place and changing colors. I had tripped before , but not this hard. With E, Shrooms and Weed in me, I was the most fucked up I've ever been. Later on, "D" turned out the lights. I started freaking out in the pitch black, but he cracked a couple glow-sticks. I saw two flourescent blue rods floating around. "D" turned on the CD player to a techno mix he made. Every beat i heard made my spine jump. "D" started a light show with the glow-sticks in my face. He was good at it too. He made it seem like i was in a tunnel, being sucked out of my seat. After the lightshows, it was about 4 a.m. Obviously I couldnt sleep, tripping as hard as i was, so we all took a walk out in the woods behind "A's" house. My advice to those of you who trip pretty hard, look at the stars, moon and clouds. I passed out in the woods and had to be carried back to the house. To tell you the truth, Extacy, Shrooms and Marijuana is a dangerous mix, but worth it!

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