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First time i ever tried shrooms was a couple days ago and it was fucked.

First time i ever tried shrooms was a couple days ago and it was fucked.
I was with a couple friends and we each bought a har. After we sucked em back i went to the washroom and when i came out, everyone left the house. I felt so lonely and went outside. I started walking around they yard thinking that my friends were spying on me. After walking around the street for a while i finally found them. We went into the bush and started tripping balls. Patterns came out of everything. Rocks, stars, trees, plants. We all walked up to this black pavement and thought it was a bottomless pit. Pretty fucked. It was awsome. Then we decided to walk across town to another bush and make a fire. Thats when it started to get bad. One of my friends kept coming really close to me screaming and laughing. All i wanted to do was get away and go home. When we finally got close to the bush the trees started to almost cave in on me. They all looked the same. I was lost. And i go though that bush all the time. I followed them through the bush and we made a fire. I can remembercurling up in a ball and losing all sense of reality. I then convinced myself i was going to be in this state for the rest of my life. Hell. So one of my friends guided me out of the bush to the streets and i had absolutley no clue where i was. I was lost in the town i grew up on and new every street name. I couldent beleive it. I kept hearing voices like HEY! we started to walk to a friends house where a bouple people where hangin out. Thats when it started to get fun. I went into the basement casue there was to many people in the garage. I turned on Waynes world 2 and laughed my ass off bymyself. I looked at the wallpaper and got up and started touching it. i felt 1023233423 different emotions at once. It was so fun, it almost mmade up for the hell i had just experienced.

I encourage firstr timers to do shrooms but. Do it somewhere comfortable with 2 or 3 friends in a basement where u have no worries. DO NOT go into the bush. you will get lost and have a shitty time. I will do mush again, and ive already got another har waiting for me in my closet.

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