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Fun at home

It all started with a pill that I knew was pure xtc.

It all started with a pill that I knew was pure xtc. Waiting for the enjoyment to settle in I decided to watch the simpsons and sienfield. About an hour into the show I started feeling really good and decided it was time to eat the magic sacraments. I ate a handful of wet mushrooms
that didn’t taste to bad considering the state I was currently in. As I started losing interest in TV since I couldn’t follow what was going on I decided to watch the TV show Charmed. This show got my mind into a state of spiritual enchantment. During charmed the TV and the stand it was on started moving in big circles. I swear this was not normal. After seeing all I can do with my new power I started moving things with my mind. Watching the walls melt and weave back and fourth this was truly great. The trails I was experiencing added another level of enjoyment watching my hands in motion cut through the air. After about 3 hours
after eating the sacraments I decided to go into my room, turn the black light on and watch my blacklight posters. This was very cool. Another hour passes on and I decide its time to put my shamanic journeying that a very good friend of mine has been teaching me, (who I can’t thank enough for teaching and training me to develop this spiritual technique)into action. I closed my eyes and started deep breathing, I concentrated on getting my body totally relaxed and I felt myself sleep deeper and deeper into the trance. Soon after I found myself speaking in another language that I couldn’t understand. I was talking to something I couldn’t really see but I knew it was there. As we continued on talking with this language I never heard before I could feel emotions. I could communicate with this alien in its language and I was showing feelings laughing and talking back and fourth. This was something I have never experienced before. After an hour or so I lost track of time and the conversation was over, I laid in bed trying to figure out this information I just learned and what did it mean. What I did knew was that this was very real and made me feel clear, opened minded, at peace and I was as one with myself. The mushrooms told me many things that made me feel good inside. The thought of giving my mother a hug, that I
really did care for my brother that under the wrong conditions ended up someplace that he shouldn’t be and it really wasn’t his fault. How stupid it was that I missed my own mothers birthday and how I wish I could make it up to her, but I knew the mistakes I made and I could do
something about them. This journey left me feeling great, and with a peaceful mind.

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