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fucked up trip

it was tuesday night, me and 4 friends went to a bowling arena down the road from me, i dosed in the bathroom of the bowling arena before the first game.

it was tuesday night, me and 4 friends went to a bowling arena down the road from me, i dosed in the bathroom of the bowling arena before the first game. at about the sixth turn of (mine) i started to feel the affects, the first thing i noticed that was different was all the balls were not bowling balls anymore they were short little gary colemans, everytime i picked up a gary coleman and threw it down the road (the lane) it screamed help help, and i went after the gary colemand, the pins were ducks and the lane was a paved road, everytime the ball came back up it was one of those japanease numchuck weapon things, or whatever. i was really happy at that time (little did i know i had pissed my pants 3 times already) i went up to the food station and ordered a hotdog, when the guy said 3.25 sir, i gave him a 100 dollar bill and he looked at me strange when he looked at me strange his face started to transform into a yoda looking fucked up retarded face, he handed me the hot dog and i looked at the hot dog and it had a fucking mouth no lie, i sat there staring at the hot dog for the next 23 minutes it told me about all these far off galaxies, all i had to do to get there is leave the bowling arena, (my other 3 friends had already been kicked out), i left the bowling arena, with the bowling shoes on and our game still playing, i started to walk around the parking lot then i saw the scarriest thing happen, all the cars lifted up and started hovering over me, and started dancing to some kind of jungle music, that a old 300 year old witch was playing from on top of the roof of the bowling arena. it sounded spanish, all of a sudden i got a sudden urge to take home the whole bowling arena but i couldnt, for the next 2 hours i saw all kinds of animals and people floating and dancing, evertime i saw a person walk out of the arena they started floating towards there floating car and got into it and jetted off, i cried ever time that happened, by then i was really fucked up and i didnt know where my friends were, gary coleman came running out of the bowling arena with this ugly looking cowboy on his back saying YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU AAAAARRREEE THHHHHEEEE CHHHHOOOSSSEEENNNNN OOOOONNNNNNEEE. that happend so fast i cant remember much, then all of a sudden the place bursted into flames and i started running down the road into this barber shop, but it was so fucking scary cause this women came up to me and asked me if i had a appoitment and i said fuck you i want to eat some strawberries, and here is the scarry part, she said ok and she got me some strawberries, and i sat down and she told me they would be with me in a second, and when i looked around!!!! all these fucking hair cutter women had no heads!!!, i swear nobody had heads in this room, and in one of the booths, this headless lady was tripping a fucking lions beard, i got up and ran away from this place the next stop was the Armada Hotel, where a bunch of playstations were flying out of the place, but that didnt bother me, the place was closed soon to find out, but this pet cemetary looking guy morphed out of the ground and started telling me to run into the woods, and he told me about a guy named pascow, i ran through the woods (by this time i didnt even know who i was, and it was around 11:30 p.m. (8 hours so far) little did i know this was all the beginning, cause i left the woods and went to my friends house, he was in there i walked right in when he was eating with his parents, i went upstairs, (his mom and dad and his younger sister and brother,) none of them i swear had any hands or eyeballs they all got up and started throwing there knifes at me, and i ran back downstairs and went into there basement and from there i saw dancing swords that scared the living hell out of me so i left and ran for about the next 3 or 4 miles and i finally made it back home, i didnt even know wher i was going and for some reason i got there

(come to find out i got sued for all this shit and got into big trouble and was punished for the next 3 months)

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