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Grade A Siberian Amanita muscarias from Iamshaman

I had ordered 1 oz.

I had ordered 1 oz. of Grade A Amanita muscaria and 1 gram of Salvia from Iamshaman about two weeks before I recieved them. When I finally got up off my lazy stoned ass to mail the money, I recieve the package in two days. I live in Iowa and Iamshaman is from Chicago so this may have helped in delivery. This was however the quickest I have ever recieved a package. The Amanitas came in a clear plastic bag with perfectly preserved caps inside. Only one was broken but the pieces were in three big pieces so I wasn't bothered. The bag had a sticker on it explaining how they were used, but stated that they are not for human consumption ( a safety procaution I'm sure to cover their ass ).

I ate a small little meal at around 6:30. I think it was a salad to be precise. I then began to eat two "normal" sized caps and one smaller one at around 7:00. I say "normal" sized caps because they were the average size for the bag but from the pictures and other people I've talked to, these caps were almost their full size. I chased them down with a little water.

I didn't feel much for about another hour/ hour and a half. I started to smoke a little bit of weed in hopes that it would kick it up a bit. And it did just that. I would compare my experience to a cube experience but I wouldn't say that it wasn't an experience. I heard my voice kind of echo inside my body by this point. I started to fell a little wierd, I would kind of compare it to being a little drunk and with the weed on top of it, it felt wonderful.

At around 9:00, I decided to bring out some salvia. This really kicked the trip up. I smoke three bowls in a row (which I will admit was a little stupid), this made me see things in strobe light vision? Once the salvia wore off, I felt great. But once the salvia went away I think my amanita experience went away as well.

I put this experience at a level 2 because for one, I don't really remember too much of the experience other than feeling really great, a "high on life" sort of feeling. I did experience some auditory hallucinations but not like dosing on psylocybin. If you're at all interested in amanitas, try them out! I don't think a lot of people can give you a clear answer one what they do as with every drug out there, your experience will differ from others who have experienced it.


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