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From The Darkside

Well, it all started in December of 2001, For the first time ever I came across a mushroom dealer and here in Las Vegas.

Well, it all started in December of 2001, For the first time ever I came across a mushroom dealer and here in Las Vegas. My first trip was great I would say it was a level 3. Then the next day I did them again, same dose(1/8) Nothing at all like the night before. So I waited 2 weeks to try them again. By then I had 6 pills of X and about 6.5 grams of mushrooms and so the night began..

I waited for my mother to go to sleep, I cleaned up my room and did some yoga. I took 3 x pills (Blue Batmans)I have never done more then 1 before So this was going to be insane. I blended the mushrooms up and put some oj in it to hide the taste. I really don't think the taste is to bad but eating 6.5 grams of mushrooms is a lot to chew for me. I had a big tall glass of mushroom oj ready for me. I set back in my lazy boy chair and drank it all down.

My Room is covered with horror movie and Salvador Dali posters. While I was just waiting for it all to kick in I put in my "The Lost Boys" dvd and listened to music on my winamp. For some reason I was listening to some really me music and I didn't know why. It just felt good. I really don't like emo at all so I just set back and it all started.

My head felt a little shaky and the colors everywhere started to grow real slow. Everything had so much of a glow to it. My muscles start to tense up and get tight for some reason and I started to feel real sick from the oj. My floor looked like clouds twirling and my covers where spinning. I thought wow everything is so cool. I got up and went into the bathroom I was really afraid to look at myself in the mirror but when I did I thought I looked really good. My skin looked fake and plasticy like silly puddy. When I said the word silly puddy it sounded so funny I bursted out with laughter. I went back to my lazy boy and listened to more music, and I thought about my Mom. Me and my Mom are far apart from each other and are always fighting. And I felt so bad for her, And I kept think wow she is my mother and has been through a lot, 3 kids and countless boyfriends. I kept thinking in all this and thought she was so beautiful and that motherhood is beautiful. Things got a little to intense. My stomach felt like it was tied up in knots and my legs hurt real bad. I raised my legs up to look at them and I swear to God they looked like little kids legs and that they kept getting smaller and smaller. I got up and walked around my room, I kept thinking death was coming soon..

After walking around back and forth it hit me so hard, I felt like I was falling and falling fast from reality I need to catch something but I couldn't I kept saying "get a grip on it, your losing it" and those words never ment anything to me until then. I laid on my bed naked thinking this is how im going to die and there is nothing I can do and then the most shocking thing came to me. I just remembered that my moms birthday is today and that my grandma died this day a year ago in this very room!! I thought that everything was coming together and this was the end of me. After laying there for a while I got up and curled up in a ball on the floor and kept spitting cause I thought I was going to puke. I set on the bathroom toilet for a very long time, I looked at my arms and felt my body and bones and thought I was deformed and all my bones where twisted up. My right arm seemed a lot longer then my left and then I thought to myself am I retarded? and haven't noticed until now. I got off the toilet and laid back on my bed, I thought I pissed all over my bed but it turns out i didnt.I began to get hold of things.

After when I was coming down I felt very tired and looked out my windows. My grass and tress looked so beautiful and I was so so happy to be alive! I set by my window and played my guitar for a while. That day I went with my Mom to pick out a Christmas tree and seeing those big trees and the smell of Christmas everything was so great. I went home and went to sleep. And That was That. I had a lot of other visuals that I cant remember to well, everything was a tad bit to hectic for me to remember.

Well There is my Trip Report, If you have any questions or anything my email is WaysTheSkyBurns@aol.com

Thanks, Brandon

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