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from the core of forgotten

I was with a close friend and we had gotten an 1/8 of shrooms and I had never done them before me n my friend each had 2 caps n 2 stems not alot at all n b/c i was generous i gave one of my caps to a guy friend who was there.

I was with a close friend and we had gotten an 1/8 of shrooms and I had never done them before me n my friend each had 2 caps n 2 stems not alot at all n b/c i was generous i gave one of my caps to a guy friend who was there... Now being my first time of course they had to take me to a carnival right.. newayz we ate the shrooms n smoked a fat ass L n shortly after that all hell was released in my mind I thought I was goin crazy at the carnival so many people so much goin on n way to much to comprehend.. neway I was walking through the carnival when i noticed peoples legs shrinking n growing so i started to laugh now my friend has like dreddy like hair n at that moment i looked at her to see what she was feeling when her hair turned to a head of snakes growing n hissing at me I was afraid to look her in the eyes i thought she was madusa n would turn me to stone so i went into a porter poddy as soon as i shut the door things started to wave n bend in my sight n beneath my feet i ran out of the pp n back into the carnival when i realised at that moment i hated people they turned robotic n had pure abscence of emotion the next thing i knew i heard carnival music n clown laughter in the back of my head fucking with my ears making them move we then decided to cross the street to get gum from a gas station when the ground turned tie dye along with the sky i went inside n got myself some vitamin c stuff to boost my trip i came out side when my friend attacked me n took my hoodie from my waist n started flayling it violently i asked her whats wrong n she replied "theres a lil man in ur jacket n he won't come out" she then stopped n pointed there he goes at that moment i saw a lil man race across the street n responded i do believe in nomes. when we got back to the carnival my guy friend ran up to me n told me he saw jesus n pointed this kid which at that time really resembled the holy man himself he then asked me what should i ask him when suddenly some guy calling people over to his stand to play games caught my attention he turned into a banjo player singin to birds of all colors fluttering around him.. at this time it started to get dark n we left in a van to smoke another blunt i remember being in the van n thinking it was on hydrolix n then after the blunt it hit me hard i'm talkin massive i heard music in my head growing into my visuals of lil spots of colors exploiding infront of me when i left the van it was really dark n me n my friend thought we were better when suddenly we entered a tent of nothing but lights n felt completely lost we had never seen this carnival b4 n we were lost everything was stretched n i started to feel cold sweaty n figgity... when we entered back into the carnival my friend fucked with me n told me about evil gummy bears with knives i laughed til one attacked my leg i saw them trying to destroy rides (this is when i jumped on a picnic table) my friends told me to get down n i said evil gummy bears n toast don't mix all of a sudden i was lost, my friends i didn't know my thoughts went crazed n a sudden feeling sprung over me from the core of forgotten i veared into a world of darkness n saw only one light i saw a boy n a girl leave there crowds of friends with huge smiles on there faces n i swore they were ment to be together n didn't even know it n i felt sadness come over me when darkness fluttered back in i turned around n there was a person next to me (my friend) i saw her face melt n distort n i heard laughter of a clown kinda like recorded like a tape playing n its insides being ripped out as it played louder n louder i ran into the woods n the trees laughed n came at me trying to grab me i finally found the girl i had went with n left with her sister tripping also it was the longest ride of my life hiding in the back seat from trees when suddenly i passed out n i remember entering a club in my mind of no humans only objects n distortions i remember everyone doing a dance of erotic hate screaming at one another n then there was me n the room of the club streeeeeetched n i became distant n woke up for a second in the car to realise we veared off the road n her sister recollected n swerved i saw my life play out in a second n i looked out the back of the window as we were driving fast n i said this is how fast life goes by n still to this day i find it true, my night turned to hell my mom caught me tripping i went into a deeper bad trip my wall growled at me my hand melted b4 my eyes n i thought bugs invaded my veins i passed out blackened again n thought things to make one insane n so many of my thoughts became reality a shredded reality a broken world a sparkle in the eyes of an obsessor who lies to control the mind my very own eyes I was no longer in control of myself nor was I the person before the shrooms n the things in my veins i wanted to release at that moment i had to gain control n sooner found i could finally my trip mellowed out n the next few days i had black rings of hell beneath my eyes i was tired n worn n deffinately feeling down but my aspects on life r so much higher n i can look at every angle in life in a whole new light n i now know that sometimes its what u don't see thats there.

But shit I had fun man I will never regret the video of my life I experienced that day!!!


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