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From Good to Bad

so its my sophomore year in high school, im just entering my experimental stage in life and already smoke pot almost every day, I called my "friend" pat and asked him about ecstacy, "negative" he says.

so its my sophomore year in high school, im just entering my experimental stage in life and already smoke pot almost every day, I called my "friend" pat and asked him about ecstacy, "negative" he says. After alot of hmmming and hawwwing i blurt out "what about mushrooms?"
"wouldn't you rather get some acid?" he says but i only put drugs that come from the earth into my body, so i say "no thanks i'd really rahter get the mushrooms even if does cost more"
"alright" he says "just wait a few days for me to talk to a friend of mine"
"no problem" i say
alright now im just going to fastforward to the shrooming ------------------------> ok, im at my friends house with a 1/2 0z of shrooms in my back pack, my friend mike had decided to join me on my little adventure (this was the first time for both of us) we go into his basement and by way of holding our noses and chasing with mountain dew we consumed about an 1/8. 2 hours go by and nothing happens except for a slight blurring of bright colors. "this sucks" my friend says so we eat the rest BIG MISTAKE 1/2 an hour later the first dose of shrooms really kicks in (dont ask why it took so long cause i really dont know) my friend and i are tripping our balls off in his older brothers room. the walls were glowing intense green spinning and breathing, link from the legend of zelda steps out of a super smash brothers poster and begins attacking a bleeding vein in the wall. the ceiling fan becomes a colorful blur and begins moving like a snake across the ceiling, all of a sudden im floating and cant see anything but bright flashing colors. THe feeling of being in harmony with the entire universe is something i'll never forget, life made sense, when someone died they didn't really die they merely returned to their true selves having become smarter and more experienced than before. "Manuel..." what? who said my name?, i thought. "Manuel... Manuel!? whats wrong?? whats going on?" all of a sudden i remember that i have my eyes closed and open them only to so a gigantic monster looming over me (i later discovered that this was only my friend mike) so i did the only thing that seemed sensible at the time; i screamed rolled into a ball and huddled in a corner until i regained some concept of reality. "Oh good" i though to myself "I'm in control again now". After much explaining to mike about the complexities of the meaning of life we decided to watch tv for the rest of our trip, we didn't realize that the second dose was about to hit us. Watching the channel 9 news guy slowly mutate into satan was the eeriest feeling i've ever felt, all i can hear are slow footsteps, the newstation background turned into a torture chamber and a bleeding pulsing hand appears in satan's hand. I'm not sure if any of you have heard Ozzy Osbourne's backwords talking thing but suddenly it was pounding in my ears "i have to get outta here" i thought. the cozy comfortable bedroom we had been accomadating had become nothing but what i guess was the bed a white and black tile floor and all kinds of bleeding vegetation growing on the walls (which seemed infintely far away) finding the door took a considerable amount of time and opening it took longer i went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror BIG MISTAKE the only way to describe what happend is that i basically watched myself melt which lead to another scream and me trying frantically to get out of the bathroom, i wandered around a house that i had never been in before there was a man sitting at a desk crying about something but he couldnt here me when i tried to talk to him, once more i zoned out of reality more explosions of color and waves and waves of strong emotion came on next when i came to, or thought i did, i couldn't see. Blackness nothing but blackness, the only thing i could think was "im blind, im blind, im blind" my face was wet but i couldn't figure out why "what if its tears?" i thought "what if its blood?!" i began to call for help from my friend mike. suddenly a blinding flash of light surrounds me and i feel mike drag me to another part of the house, when i can open my eyes im in the living room which was missing a wall and half the floor. I try to tell mike that i had gone blind "there was nothing but darkness" i tell him,he looks at me (he was still really tripping) for several minutes and then answers oh you just forgot to turn the light on in the bathroom. at this point i had no comprehension of time so i cant really say how long it was until i blacked out again except this time when i woke up i was in a hospital, i was dying and i wanted my mother and my cat but couldn't do anything about it, i started crying and i felt sick, i didn't want to die but i couldn't make myself move. After what seemed like an eternity of stomach pains and sorrow and misery i finally could feel my legs my neck started working again and my vision got really blurry than cleared a little, i was on a couch, i was still in the living room and mikes parents were home,"i'm not dead" i thought. Mike is lying on the floor and i throw s pillow at him. huh... what he mumbles.we have to go to your room i manage to tell him. "why" he asks. cause your parents are home, i say.
"dude they've been asleep for hours, they got home while you were in the bathroom"
"really" i said "ok well lets try to pass out so these things will wear off" i suggested, he was all for it.
-i've tripped shrooms many times after this and it only gets better but the moral of this story is be careful cause if you overdose your first time you'll live to regret it.

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