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freeked out

it all started when my friends talked me into growing shrooms.

it all started when my friends talked me into growing shrooms. I got all the nessessary things and started. seemed like it to for ever for them to grow/ i thought for sure i fuck it up and i was goin to throw it out. then on saturday morning i saw it! it was a fuckin shroom growin. that was a sighn. so then the day of the harvest finally came. i had to be the show off so i ate 3 of them muther fuckers wet with my friends they just had one, and the taste oh my fuckin shit it was gross. i am not jokin 20 min i felt the body high then it just kept porin the fuck on i never did this shit before! so here i am fryin my balls of the walls wavin, my friends voices sounded like they were talkin threw a fuckin sewer pipe. then it happened my mom and dad came home and up to my room!!! they saw every thing the, shrooms my tank i grew them in. on top of that i was tripin for the first fuckin time!!!!! so you guessed it they started to question me what are these things are you on drugs. all that shit then it happened i puked all over them!!!!!!! i was so fucked up i ran out of the house in to my woods and just sat out their for these things to ware off and man those woods were so fuckin coool! you just have to try the woods experience its the best!!!! oh and my friends were in the house tripin with my parents!!!!! hahahah. to tell you the truth don't be around your parents tripin for your first time!!!

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