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My girl brought shroomz from some hippy chick and I blended the manamales in oj.

My girl brought shroomz from some hippy chick and I blended the manamales in oj. We went to the water park and we drank in the parking lot. I felt her vibes so strongly I didnt even have to see her to know were she was. We were so intuned the only thing is she just passed it off as imagination. I knew exactly what she was thinking about me and what would happen next as the result. We went down the two biggest slides then got board. She was so worried about what every one else was thinking about us that we had to leave. This continued into the night as we grew stronger. I started to see her soul expand to the point of all girls being a reflection of her. This was ruff cuase I kept forgeting who I was with. This cuased her to start trying to bring me down thinking that I was some kinda player. She leaves my house paranoid and next thing I know some girls I dont know or ever seen in my life call me up saying there gonna suck my dick. I goto there house becuase its near her house. We do what we do and I goto her house after. This was all her creation becuase she couldnt doit at the time so she some how projected her soul into them (phone call?) and had them doit. I drop off a shirt I found that fits the baby all of a sudden a spiral opens up b4 me so I look up at the half moon while flowing threw her spirit expanding infinitly filling her space creating a hyperspacial entity that will on day manifest into physical reality. No trials just the oppisit were everything is outlined and more detailed so I can see the pattern of life flowing. We dream together of the day we will be together forever moving closer to that point as she devours her fears and leanrs to stop running from what connot be hidden from. We confront this together head on as well as my fear of becomming a game piece in the devils chest board and conquer with ease. GOD shows this fate already carved and weaved into the fabric of time threw this spiraling pattern much lika tiedie shirt only deatailed with reality as well as the space were we can create what we want in without disrupting whats already infanatly present protecting us from the consequences of trying sucha thing. Today I geta visit from my "cusin" who has been acting bitchy lately and looks alot like her only chunkier. So stange how I am still the consiousness of a microcosmic me within her L0V3

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