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four virgins and a dog

My name is katie and my first time to trip was last night.

My name is katie and my first time to trip was last night. Let me introduce everyone before i tell the story so yall aren't lost. the friends: DAnielle 21 the ultiment pot head, the girl smoke everyday if not more, if she could be high all the time i think she would. Jessica 20 soriety girl danielle s roomate and best friend. Kevin 22(i think) frat boy, pot head he really likes pills too. Me 19 i like pot ok pills are cool. Nelly (age: ?) kevins dog a pug. WE all go to college and we have never done shrooms.

Ok so my mom has a friend who owns a cow field and my friends and i were getting bored with just pot. We thought shrooms would be fun. I thought it would just like being really high. but unfortantly i was very very very wrong.

So about 7:45 we head to the cow fields. On the way we stop and buy beer so we could drink as shroom hunt. It was so much fun we found about 50 cubes. we headed back to kevins house. so we boil about 30 and pour the tea in a pitcherand add some coolaid for flavor. (while doing this we also smoke a joint or two) we are watching some basketball game when it starts to hit. at first i thought we were just high cause we are all laughing so hard and yelling. im yelling lets watch a movie kevin is yelling after the game danielle says i want just want to get high jessica is looking at her hands and basically we are all acting retarded.
Then we watch south park but i start to freak out and the room gets dark and big and people are running away and talking to themselves. Kevin just wanted to go to his room i wanted to play in the blankets and a pile of kevins clothes entertained me for about ten min. jessica hid in the bathroom then her and danielle went outside kevin locked his room and jessica and danielle told me to go away because they said i was screaming and they want ed to get away from me. i was so hyper but i was also parinoid and i thought they weren't on shrooms and they all were conspiring against me. and they were going to kill me. then i was alone in the living room and the dog was running around and i really got scared. So i walked to jessica house a block away and got my car. Driving was surreal. i was floating and the car was so big. then i couldn't get out because i heard jungle animals outside. but the trees were awesome. they looked like dark expolsions and i cried because it was so beautiful but sad. then i talked to jessica which in my state confirmed that they were in fact involed in a conpirsiacy to kill me so i went to the river front. and i walked and smoked amazing cigs. and killed all the mushrooms i saw in the grass. the grass shined were dew that was so amazing i couldn't breath so i had to go home.

today im still not sure what happen or i hated it or liked idon't know i don't know anything for sure anymore i don't know if i trust my friends anymore or that fucking dog

*thxs for reading sorry about the spelling i didn't proof read

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