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ok...this was my first trip and i will have to say that it was amazing and i cannot wait to try it again. the day started out with myself and a friend driving to a university to meet up with our buddy who had purchased the magic.

we decided beforehand to do them in the daylight so that we could spend as much time outside as possible. it was a surprisingly warm day for january so we really wanted to enjoy nature on a beautiful day in a courtyard at the university. now i am not too sure because time was so messed up on these but i believe we took them at 4pm. now in preparation we decided to all buy bottles of water in case we got dehydrated, bring our ipods so that we could enjoy some good music, wear earth tones so that we could blend in with the scenery very well, and watch some dave chapelle stand up beforehand to put ourselves into good moods.

now when we got to the garden we planned on tripping in it was already one of the most peaceful places i had ever seen. with fresh grass and plants everywhere you really already felt very relaxed and one with nature. also, the garden had a couple monuments to philosophy all around including a statue of socrates and quotes from philosophers such as plato and aristotle. now since it was my first time along with my friend i came with, we ate an eighth of magic that we already knew was guaranteed to be good thanks to a few other friends tripping the weekend before on magic from the same batch.

our other friend who attended the university we were at had tripped before so he was really into giving us a good time so he only ate half an eighth in order to be able to lead us around and make sure we were ok. this was very VERY helpful. having someone there that is experienced and knows the area you are in is a must.

well about 20 minutes after eating the magic i began to feel a great high coming on. this high was much better than normal weed because i could feel it throughout my entire body and it made me feel very happy and giggly. my actual halucinations actually began taking place probably an hour into the trip. it started with everything looking like a painting that was melting. everything seemed to have this watery consistency and was constantly moving like waves and ripples. this was very neat. it was awesome to notice a tree rippling like this and then notice the ground doing the same thing and you could follow the ripples all the way up to yourself and then notice even YOU were rippling and waving like water.

after this everything seemed to be in slow motion and moving my hand quickly in front of my face caused a huge drag as if my eyes werent fast enough to keep up. soon all colors became amazingly beautiful. i could see the grass all around me breathing and pulsing different brilliant colors of green and white. i decided then to lay on the ground and look up into the sky. trees in my vision looked like sketches on a piece of paper and not real at all. people around me looked like they had been inserted into a painting. clouds in the sky took beautiful forms of anything i could imagine and even dipped down to brush against my face.

at one point when i was laying on the ground my friend told me he could see my body's energy pulsing up out of me and into him. he said i was beautiful. THAT was the best part. EVERYONE was beautiful. everyone was amazing in their own way and i couldnt wait to see new people to witness their beauty. even though everyone was beautiful the only person who drastically changed in appearance was my friend. he became very very pale white like the grass and his hair turned into frost on his head.

it was so amazing to be around people you love. your love for friends is truly brought out and expressed many times over. at one point we decided to smoke some weed, but it was pretty pointless because the weed really had no effect on us whatsoever. the only cool part about smoking was the pot burning looked amazing and the bowl was changing shapes like crazy. it kept growing and shrinking and changing colors like crazy.

light was extremely beautiful. seeing lights was very amazing and i kept wanting to find lights to stare at. and speaking of staring, when we went back to the dorm for a little while i stared at myself in a mirror for probably half an hour. it was so amazing....i really felt like i learned so much about myself and for once in my life loved myself very much.

overall this trip was pretty great, but there was one bad point. coming down was definitely depressing and made me freak out a little bit. as i came down i remembered everything else about my life and was pretty upset that i couldnt feel the love and happiness anymore. but, even though that was bad i still cannot wait to try these again. i would say my trip was between a level 2 and 3 because i had feelings of both...i would love to have a level 4 sometime though!

next time i am definitely going to have playlists ready on my ipod so that i can access them very easily. also i am going to wait until summer so that i can spend the entire day outside. i want to do them earlier in the day such as noon so that i can experience the entire trip during the day. i am also going to stay outside the entire time and stay away from a lot of people. getting around a lot of people seemed to have a negative affect and scared me a little.

i am a 130 pound male. 18 years old. freshman in college. and i love nature =].

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