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Foreign Feelings

I started out just drinking a couple of beers to relax.

I started out just drinking a couple of beers to relax. I thought I would have a little fun and down one of the HUGE shrooms that I had grown, thanks to the Shroomery. I went and visited a freind and began to hang out. Well things were just fine and I didn't even thing I was gonna trip that hard. I was under complete control and then it hit me. All at once I got swept away by a tidal wave of supernatural awe and physicall numbness. This came on in a matter of seconds (no slow progression like most trips). I started to get extremely nervous when my arms and legs became cold and dead. There was absolutely no feeling in my fingers or wrists. I was shaking uncontrolably, and I had to struggle to keep from passing out. My vission was so wavy that I coudln't tell what was up, down, left or right. Everything was tingling and I started to feel emotions that I didn't know existed. I was convinced that I had eaten contaminated mushrooms and that I was experiencing physicall death. It felt good when I closed my eyes and slightly passed out, but I was too scared to give in because I thought that I might die.

All of this happened at my freinds house. During the whole thing (my freind told me afterwards, because I had lost total contact with reality) my freind tried to calm me down because he said that I had been mumbling things about death, tragedy, and heartache, and that I was not responding to there words. My freind took my pulse and said that it was EXTREMELY slow and off beat.

This phase lasted for about 4 hours, but was only like 5 minutes to me. Time made absolutely no sense to me. Gradually I began to come down into a peacfull dreamy state
that only lasted about 5 minutes in realtime and then I started feeling nautious. This was perfectly ok with me compared with what I had just been through. My freind then decided to put on a movie to try and calm me down. I thought this was a good idea. We watched AKIRA. The movie got to this part where these soldiers were beating up and raping this girl. I almost burst out into to tears. My freind noticed that something was wrong, so he turned off the movie and we decided to go eat.

From this point on everything was just like that movie "Jacob's Latter." That was SCARY!!!! At the restaraunt I went to the bathroom and coudln't find it so I asked a cook. He showed me where it was. I had on a NIRVANA shirt by the way. While i started walking to the bathroom I heard the cook say something like "Kurt Cobain found his way there with no problem, jerk!" I was completey startled by this and immediately turned around. The cook was right in my face and his big black teeth were laughing out loud. I ran to the bathroom as fast as possible. When I came out (which I did very slowly and sneekily) the same cook saw me coming out of the bathroom, all sneaking around, and looked at me like I was psycho. For some reason he looked much nicer and cleaner than the experience I had.

This was DEFINATELY a level 5 trip.

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