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Flying Through Space

9 Grams It was a Friday I was hanging out with my good friend who I will call J we both decided early in the week that we were going to go on a high dose trip.

9 Grams
It was a Friday I was hanging out with my good friend who I will call J we both decided early in the week that we were going to go on a high dose trip. We have both tripped a lot before so we didn’t have a sober sitter. We ate our shrooms at about 9:00 at my friend J’s house. I had 9 my friend had 8.5.Eating them was exceptionally hard for some strange reason. I washed it down with a beer then a joint as we walked home. By the time we got to my house about a mile and a half a way we were beginning to feel the effects colors were brighter and things were kind of strange.
We decided to go on the comp and put on some dead Kennedy’s after about 10 minutes the computer began to become too complicated to use for more then a few seconds at a time as the numbers would seem to move around the screen and the keyboard. We were in a good mental set as we had finished school and were both really happy. We then migrated to the front of my closet with large mirrors on the doors and looked into our faces for about 20 minutes we sat down on my couch and realized that were tripping really hard and we weren’t even peaking yet.
We decided to go to the beach we go to trip and get fucked up at sometimes the climb down the easy cliff was normal except my friend J kept thinking I was going to fall we got to the sand and walked out onto the exposed reef (it was low tide) my friend J kept thinking and saying “if there is a tsunami I am going to be very mad at you!” we laid down and tripped like mad. I could see a rotating pattern that looked like a soccer ball in 3D the patches on it would change to wild colors and it rotated extremely fast we decided to talk around the beach separately to think and experience different things.
I went to the north part and began to peak My mind was going 1 million miles a second if I imagined an object it would appear before my eyes where the soccer ball pattern had been before then I saw this pattern in the sand and I seemed to walk into it and into another dimension it was like I was flying through space and time I could see the world going by at light speed. It is extremely hard to put into words the experience after this part but I will try. I felt like I had left my body and was like a free sprit that could go to where ever it wanted to through the universe I felt like the earth was just pure energy and nothing mattered. I remember thinking that I thought I was insane and would never return to my normal world but at that point I didn’t want to anything was possible after a while of laying there flying through space and time we managed to go back to my house still peaking now harder then ever. I remember sitting in my computer chair trying to make my Zippo lighter and random crap on my desk levitate and it looked like it did in my mind but after a while I realized that I was coming back and things started to become more normal My mind still moved millions of miles a second but my body would no longer follow my mind across the universe by 7 AM the trip was over I felt very good when I walked outside in the bright moist environment everything seemed perfect I felt like I had been on a long voyage and had finally returned home. One of the best most spiritual experiences I have had my friend J had also felt extremely good after the trip what an experience!

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