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flying on a dragon through space

as this was my first time on shrooms i was a little dubious about doing to much and tripping hard.

as this was my first time on shrooms i was a little dubious about doing to much and tripping hard. i started out by eating 2 grams with a strawberry milkshake, bad idea. as the night progressed i was feeling nothing so i proceeded to eat another 2 grams.

Obviously i had no idea what i was doing and as you may be thinking, my fears had become apparent. i tripped HARD. I was laying on my bed thinking when these things were going to kick in and then BOOM, they hit me. i started seeing cones coming out of my hand and stabbing my face, i felt as though this was necessary for me to continue on living my life. i don't know why.

all of a sudden a dragon appeared from my ceiling, morphing out of it down on to me. he said "get on kid", so i took his advice and hoped on his dazzling saddle. as soon as i stepped on we shot off like a rocket, flying through space at a million miles an hour but at the same time, extremely slow. I saw planets whizzing by me, but i managed to see them in vivid detail.

there was a unicorn just ahead of me and the dragon and he was doing crazy stuff to try and make me fall of the dragon, like throwing donuts at us, and pouring oil at us, much like they do in cartoons, but when i look back on it i have no idea how that would work in space..because the oil would just go everywhere, but it seemed to make the dragon slip at the time.

i told the dragon to stop fuckin around and kick the shit out of that "pompous ass unicorn". The dragon seemed to contemplate this for a moment and i began to realize the the unicorns in space has immense powers. I told the dragon to forget about trying to beat up the unicorn seeing as it would have been an especially arduous task. for some reason i fell of the dragon, who i had then named Carl, and plummeted into a fiery obis. i saw colours that seemed almost surreal and 4 dimensional patterns. i could see through things and control them with my mind.

i then transformed into harry potter and had a...(i don't know the terminology)wizard battle? with him. anyway, i began to shout out spells such as: "STUPIFY!
ALUMINOUS TOTALUS!" and ALOH HAMORAH! at that point i heard malfoy screaming "what the fuck is wrong with you", and proceeded to wake up from my euphoric trance. turns out it was actually my best friend lance wondering what the hell was up with me.

turns out i had gone out of my house, walked two blocks to the playground near my place, and i was riding on the bouncy horse with my eyes closed. go figure. i have no recollection of how i got there and I'm glad lance found me, or i have no idea what would have happened. It still amazes me that this all happened.

what a great first trip.

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