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Flipped out Bob

Well this is cool (this site found by link) so heres my story my friend and i were bored one day and we decided to pool our money together and go in on some shrooms.

Well this is cool (this site found by link) so heres my story my friend and i were bored one day and we decided to pool our money together and go in on some shrooms. we got them and then we went back to his house and were about to eat them when well (ill call him bob) came over. he had seen our pile of shrooms before we could hide them so we explained what they were and he was begging us to let him eat some. he had never tripped off anything except for dxm (dextromethaphe hydrobromite/cough syryp) so we gave in and so we had to split the pile 3 ways now it was roughly a quarter. these were killer fucking mushies. i was tripping 45 minutes later my friend around the same time. and (bob) a half hour. my friend and i have consumed lots of mushrooms in our time but (bob) never had. i was watching dragon ball z and my friend was playing guitar and (bob) was watching DBZ (which kicks ass by the way) with me and so he told me he was starting to feel funny and i started my long ass trip sit. remember my friend and i ate a little less than an eighth and gave the rest to (bob) i was tripping balls and was mezmorized by the show and completely forgot about bob. i started seeing miniture gokus doing kamehamaeha's around the room then i saw bob he was in his boxer shorts nothing else. and he was scratching at his skin and i tried talking to him but he wouldnt respond. so i went and got my friend cory and he was laughing his ass off after he saw what was happening. then i think he started getting really parinoid and was constantly asking me if i saw any cops. so while those two were on a bad trip i was still on a good one and there was no fucking way i was gonna ruin it so i tried to calm them cory was easy to calm but bob was still oblivious to anything. so we went upstairs and cooked a pizza. after it was done we went downstairs again and bob had moved to the window and was acting like a chicken. then we smelled piss.......bob had pissed on corys carpet. bob didnt remember doin it when we asked him then he ran for the door (in his boxers still) and ran down the block screaming. this was the funniest fucking thing i had seen and was on the ground laughing but then we had to chase him down and drag his wigged out ass back to the house. we got him back and i was explaining what to do to calm himself and we werent mad at him for his "accident". he kept doin karate and trying to hit me with punches i easily avoided them and pushed him away and he all the sudden stopped i think he forgot what he was doing and sat down. then he went and punched me in the face pretty hard (i was surprised) i countered and i knocked him out i realized what i had done and i thought i killed him then after all my good triping i finally started my bad trip. i was thinking i was a murderer and i got scared shitless and then he came to about 20 minutes later. he thought he had fallen asleep! he didnt remember hitting me. then i told him what had happened and he stilll didnt believe me. so whatever. i didnt care. then cory suggested we go on a walk. and that bob get dressed and we went to the local park. and if anyone knows that nature is a trip in intself. we walked around in the woods for about 3 hours we lost bob somewhere cuz we were all wandering around looking at everthing. we found him trying to bury himself. he was covered with dirt and sticks and twigs. well then we just threw his ass in the river, its only about 1 foot deep where we did it so he was ok. that kind of sobered him up and he just started playing with the water then i gave up my obligation as a trip sitter cuz i was sick of it. then we went back to corys house and smoked a couple of bowls and that inhanced the trip for me sooooo much i then heard cory yell from the other room he thought that he had psychicly moved a toy car. then he tried to move it again and i dont know if we both just hallucinated and saw it move again but that thing fucking moved again. this was a moment for cory and he started to get teary eyed and was begining to cry. then about 4 hours later we came down and had to scrub the floor were bob had pissed. and thats my trip story. peace out

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