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First true trip

This is the first time I have done a trip report and the first "true" trip I have had.

This is the first time I have done a trip report and the first "true" trip I have had. I'm not to sure about the level but my best bud who grew the shrooms and has tripped many times assures me I reached a Level 5.

Early Saturday evening me my best friend his GF and a friend of hers decided to go up. My friend harvested some Pink Buffalos and we started munching. I ate about 6 grams of fresh shrooms. Everyone else ate the same or a little less. I had just eaten a burger and knew it would probably be slow to affect me.
About 30 mins. later my friends started feeling the mushrooms . My friend and his gf had tripped many times before and the the other woman was almost passed out before she ate hers and was just laying in a recliner mumbling off and on. About an hr into it I began to get the body high and vibrations in my arms and legs.We were all in the living room with the lights out,sitting in front of the computer listening to music and watching winamp AVS.
That's when the mind confusion started to begin. What am I doing ? Listening to the music, Crystal Method at first and enjoying the company of my friends. I was sitting on the floor in front of the recliner watching my frinds trip. They were ahead of me by about an hr. They had not eaten anything all day so it hit them faster.
About that time another friend came in and we taked him into eating about 2 grams, which was just one HUGE shrooms. He only ate half of it.
We had been sitting there for what seemed like hrs but was only about 30 mins or so. Thgen my trip really began to kick in. My best friend was the DJ for the night and was choosing what music to play for max effect. This is where things get confusing. The one friend got up to leave and we said goodbye and hugged him. I loved everyone and everthing at this point. The world was glowing,I was with my best friends and I knew they would take care of me. I felt safe.

Watching the visualations and listening to the music I felt what I saw. I opened my eyes and everything was black and white,everthing was made up of pixels,like newspaper print.
My arms were heavy and seemed to be unconnected to my body. As for what I was thinking I can't say,I was just enjoying everything.Watching the monitor I saw thing that I knew weren't there,but also knew they were. Faces,skulls angels all seemed to be forming on the screen in response to the music. I would look at my friend and we would bust out laughing.
We kept it dark for the best effects and it worked. I was sitting,relaxing listening to the music then closed my eyes. Up until then I never knew what music was. He was playing Kashmir,which is now my favorite zepplin song.
My eyes closed..it was dark but it was also light...colored lasers between my eyes keeping time with the music..I felt myself really getting into the music.. letting go,which for me is unusual. I am very uptight have to be in control, worried about what other people think, are they laughing ate me ,am I making a fool out of myself kind of person.
I could feel their eyes on me,but not juding but encouraging me to let go. I nodded my head felt myself smile and gave a thumbs up to them and let go.
My world fractured, the music came alive,I didn't hear it I was the music. It was like a venetian blind and each note,each melody was a level,I picked one and followed it. The rest of the music faded into the background,I waqs actually flying thru the music,I could hear everything but all I could hear was the one note. It kept carrying me along,It was speaking just to me and I knew then what music was, I no longer existed as me,I was one with the song.
At that point the woman in the chair behind me patted me on the shoulder and broke the connection. But that was okay,I knew I could go back.When I opened my eyes I looked over at my friend and we just smiled at each other.
He had been waiting years for me to reach that point and it wasn't over yet.
WHat happened then is kinda foggy,we chatted for a min or two and he asked me if I wanted more or something along that line and I said bring it on. And that he did.
The next song I don't remember what it was was better than the first. Bells,I remember a lot of bells and drums maybe.
I closed my eyes which at this time I was seeing the good hallucinations,floor crawling,hanging plant moving,and the AV was 3-d and reaching out of the monitor.It was getting extreme so I closed my eyes to listen. Almost immediately the colors started. WOW Two pillars rising out of the ground,with each belltone and drum beat the pillars rose higher and yet they went deeper. It was to mushroom stems sinking their roots into the earth and beckoning me to follow...and I did. I was worried at first,unsure and a little scared,at that instant my friend said " I'm here for you dude,let go " . That was all I needed. I let go. Before I was moving to the beat and following every note with my body,then I became still and felt my head drop to my chest,I was surrounded by the music,and it was carrying me away. I was still uneasy but it felt so good,so right that I said the hell with it and relaxed. That was it...my arms droped down to my side and I thought I was just relaxing,but they kept on going,I felt them melt into the floor,I was a lil freked at first but I knew it was right.with each strike of the bell I melted a little more. I could feel myself relaxing each part of my body so I could completely disolve.
I was no longer...there was no me..how can I put to words what I thought or felt.The sights and colors shrinking into nothingness,.
I don't remember what happened to bring me back but when I opened my eyes and looked over at my friend I almost wanted to cry.I couldn't talk or I don't remember saying anything at the time.
For a while we listened to music and watched the AVS's and jsut ripeed and had a good time.
What happened next I'm not to sure. To go into detail would take a lot of time and involve a 15 yr history lesson.
My friend was eager for me to get the most out my trip and helped it happen.There was a point when I thought I was going to go down a dark path and end with a bad trip.
Something scared me....scared the shit out of me...I closed my eyes and I could feel my grip on sanity slipping,a tornado was loose in my head. I heard my friend saying tears won't help and praying won;t stop it...let go.
I opened my eyes and said fuck it. and gave in.
Everything was a clear as it could be. I was a stick man. small,shrinking in myself,I was nothing,my life is a lie,I saw my self for the first time ever and it scared the living hell out of me.
This part happened twice until I got a grasp on what was going on and started coming down a little.
The rest of the night was spent doing I'm not sure what, after the last experience things got a little blurry.
We ate the shrooms at 5pm and I finally laid down around 4am and was still tripping.
I am not sure if this was a true level 5 but I told it as best as I could.


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